iPad and iPhone Remove Fake Virus/Adware Guide on Safari

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// November 10, 2017

These days, many popup are showing up on the iPhone Safari containing fake adware and virus for iOS 12. The popup virus message is intended to defraud/ransom ware the users into paying them money. On the other side of the call you’ll be talking to a heavy Indian accent speaker asking for money to remove it. In some rare cases, an Apps can actually contain virus that will steal personal informations (Apple will remove these app from store). You can get important personal information stolen, your device might get unauthorized access. If your iDevice(iPhone SE,iPhone X, iPad pro, iPhone 7 plus) is not jail-broken you shouldn’t be getting any virus. So, the question is how can you delete these fake iPhone popup virus or Adware messages from Safari browser?

Example: Whenever you get a message like this on your iPhone 7 Plus, they would ask you to call the phone number asking for payment and credit card information to fix the virus. They would pretend to be working from Apple Support (Most of the time, you would be speaking to a heavy Indian accent speaker) – +1-844-823-6760 Call Apple Tech Support Immediately for assistance – popup auto call. That will forward you to a scam, asking for payment.

iPad call scam

Warning!! iOS Crash Report
Due to a third party application in your phone, iOS crashed.
Contact Support for an immediate fix
+1-877-908-2105 (Toll Free) immediately.

Extra example of safari adware phone number
+1-877-514-9649 (Toll Free)

Step #1 To Removing Popup Virus on iPhone

To start the removal of the adware/virus, the very first thing you need to do is to go to the Safari Settings on iPhone:


  1. Clear the Safari Histroy (this will remove the webpage history that you had visit – Password and other datas will be remove too)
  2. Clear the Cookie
  3. Clear the Cache (this will delete javascript & other cache)


If done correctly, the Website Data in Safari should be deleted. You should be able to open Safari without any popup or Error messages.

Believe it or not, most of the popup related fake virus get resolved by just following these simple step above. If you call the phone number, they would be asking for money or personal information(Such as Credit Card). If they are asking for credit card payment, 100% of the time they are trying to scam you.

Please post a comment below with the website and phone number below, so other users know it is a scam. The list below are some site of fake Adware URL Site. (If your iPhone x or iPad Pro is not Jailbreak, it is very hard to get a virus make sure no Chinese Character looking App is installed)

Watch this videos, if the virus popup message is still on Safari iPhone 7 

mobileappsmpire.comsupport-firewall.info iOS-errors.com

Method #2 Resetting settings on iPhone 7 Plus

If clearing Safari didn’t delete the virus, you would have to reset your iPhone 7 or iPad. To reset the iPhone 7/iPad Air completely goto Settings -> General ->Reset. By pressing reset, you’ll get a warning “Erase All Content and Settings,”so just before resetting the iPhone 7 it would be best to backup data and other informations on iCloud/iTune first. Making a backup on the computer just to be on the safe side, so that you can always revert back.

Fake iPad Pro/iPhone 7 Virus Pop-up Message Examples (some will have fake pop-up with FBI warning)

Another Example of a iPhone Virus Removal Popup
Warning! Virus alert detected on your iPhone. Press ‘OK’ to scan

Attention: iPhone User
Your battery could be draining fast due to an error.
Click “OK” to download the battery Doctor From the App Store to fix it

You don’t Have enough battery to run Safari Mode

Congratulation! You have been awarded(1) Free app game for your Apple iPhone
This Update is required in order to continue
Due to suspicious activities detected

If the Problem still Persist

If the problem still continue, you will have to figure out what Apps have you recently installed. Sometimes the malware is included in the Apps that are not from an established or well rated App developer. If you remove or uninstall those recent Apps, the malware and virus problems might get fixed. (Most of the time Apple would remove malware or virus Apps from iTunes store)

Some Fake Phone Number Examples



Turn on Anti-phishing for Safari

To turn on anti-phishing(Auto block most of the bad site website by Apple) Settings > Safari and turn on Fraudulent Website Warning & Block Pop-Ups. This will help prevent in getting popup on ad-wares most of the time.



Turn off JavaScript

Turning off JavaScript on Safari will disable some features when browsing the web, but turning this off will disable all the pop-up advertisement for the iPhone 6.


Do you have the Latest iOS 12 install?

Having the latest version will help improve security and minor bug. So if you can upgrade to the latest iOS 12 if you have not. Sometimes upgrading can mess up your other setting, but it is worth it for better performances. In this report, by updating to iOS 12 apple have patches some of the malware and hacking loopholes before.

Hacked Router Fix

Example: “The page has been blocked for your security but you have a penalty for about 60 dollars.”

iPad Remove AdwareVirus


Note: Adware Medic won’t run on iPhone & iPad; A iPad that haven’t been jailbreaked won’t have malware or virus. Unless the popup & url redirection problem keep appearing, you won’t need to do anything special.

Download & Instruction to Adware Medic is for MAC

Avoid Fake Site that ask you to download:

Site similar to the picture below is a misleading site that trick the users into downloading more adwares/virus. Just copy the URL and paste it in Google search to see if they are legit. If you pay for the adware fix, they would cost about 299 paid to company name like “CLICK4FIX, CLICK4SUPPORT)


Consider taking your iPad to an authorized Apple customer care store and give them as much information as possible. It is always wise to use a premium membership package of antivirus software to keep your device safe from the internet. Avast, Kaspersky and Norton Security these are some of the best anti-virus that can always keep you safe from virus and adware while helping you to remove them.

If you have encounter an adware/virus and stump upon this page, leave a comment below with the site URL and the Phone number. So other readers will know it is a scam. If you are feeling unsafe, you can try install an adblock.

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146 thoughts on “iPad and iPhone Remove Fake Virus/Adware Guide on Safari

  1. Liam says:

    adf.ly URL Shortener You Never Know What Pops Up.

  2. Name says:

    I had one on my iPad that said there are ‘2 virus detected in your system. Exit this webpage at your own risk. You have 4 min and 30 secs to download this app to get rid of this virus.’ The page had an old looking Google logo on it and the amount of time I had left before this virus invaded my system was in red and counting down. I don’t know if this was actually Google or not, but I did what it told me and downloaded an app called Norton Wifi Privacy, however it cost money to use, so I deleted the app and did not use it. I did what this article here told me to do, and I hope it’s gone?
    One of the IP addresses that showed up when this was happening was app.appsflyer.com. I searched this up on another one of my devices, and a blank screen popped up with route _not_found in the top left corner. I also had another virus removal app suggestion that popped up in another window while this was happening.
    Idk if this is actually helpful, but this was my experience.

  3. Name says:

    Are all malwares that are not gonna go anyway…

    1. Name says:

      Initializing iphone doesn’t work

  4. NancyGregg says:

    Battery virus alert came on screen, now my ipad screen is black! I tried rebooting, nothing. What now. I can’t work on my ipad to get rid of virus. (I’m using another computer now.)

    1. Walter Yablonski says:

      I had a virus or malware too saying to contact apple tried to delete using suggestions from apple. Finally I decided to use reset on my iPad and delete everything reformatted the iPad did not make any backup because I have no wi fi. Make sure your I pad is fully charged or you will get a return lupe.Started again in morning and was successful.At the time of the intrusion I was looking for free photo mags So it came from the ads or from a story about actors which clicked on

  5. Armin says:

    I installed some apps like avira and see it says youre device is at risk i have an iphone 7 so worried help pleaaaseeee

  6. Ryan says:

    ‘A iPad that haven’t been jailbreaked won’t have malware or virus. Unless the popup & url redirection problem keep appearing, you won’t need to do anything special.’

    Incorrect. My iPad Pro and iPhone both are having recurring popups, and they remain stock. The iPad Pro only has a handful of premium apps such as Procreate. iOS has been compromised.

  7. Judy says:

    OMG… thank you… thank you so much. I was able to remove the virus and now I can use my iPad’s safari. I’m very grateful and the best thing is I didn’t lose $49.99 to pay to clear up of viruses in my safari.

  8. Kubby says:

    I accidentally hit send when the email opened and came up. the email address sent to was [email protected]

    Will this have done anything?

  9. Kekekekekdjffidskw says:

    Thank you so much it fixed the problem

  10. Rachel says:

    Thank you so much!! I has the virus in my iPhone that wouldn’t let me in my Safari and I was told to call this number 844-823-6660 . I did what you instructed and it took care of my right away. Thank you so much for your help!

  11. Joyce says:

    I got the red screen on safari that said “warning virus detected” number to call was 844-480-0876. I called (almost scammed again!) and they said it would cost $50, heavy indian accent. This was late at night. I said I would call tomorrow. They said they wouldn’t be able to fix it tomorrow! I hung up.

    1. Joyce says:

      Also, this info helped, I did what you said and safari is working again!! Thank you!

  12. Sam says:

    The number that popped up was 1-844-423-2465. I have tried to call that number ,but only the anwsering machine requested me to enter 10-digit number. I hung up the phone and googled the way to solve the problem. Finally , I have found the way to delete the history and data , but i still do not know how to delete the cookies from my iPad Pro yet.

    1. Sam says:

      The number that popped up was 1-888-423-2465

  13. Rudi says:

    Got a email window that just kept opening one after another all saying “Warning! Virus Detected!…” some other text about calling Apple Support (don’t have it now cuz I followed the instructions and it’s all cleared out), but I wrote the number down and it’s the same as a few on here, 844-423-2464. Something smelled fishy but I called from my home phone, got an Indian (presumably) man, asked if I was calling from the phone. I asked who he was and he said “some Apple Support” which sounded weird too. Then, he asked me to go into my Settings, and right about then I got a bad feeling and said I’d call them back and hung up.

    That’s when I googled Warning! Virus Detected 844-423-2464 and found this site. I followed the steps. It didn’t do exactly what it said, meaning my Website Data isn’t all cleared out, but I can open Safari now without the browser history there anymore and the message is gone. Before doing the steps, I tried to close and reopen Safari and the message wouldn’t allow me to do anything else. It just kept reopening the warning email window.

    So, looks like it’s clear. Thank you!!!

    1. Rudi says:

      Oops…forgot to say from the beginning of my comment that I was in Safari, clicked a link and then I kept getting what looked like an email draft window opening and reopening with that “Warning! Virus Detected…” message, but I was still in Safari. Sorry if I just confused everyone. :-/

  14. Tony says:

    Thank You, very helpful. I am all clear now.

  15. Vivian says:

    Very helpful. My Safari is clean and clear now.

  16. Stephanie Bailey says:

    Thank you very much, I figured the call apple cookie that popped up was BS. Followed your instructions and working great now…Thanks

  17. Rachel says:


    1. NancyGregg says:

      Notice came onto my screen saying I had a battery virus. My screen is black. I tried rebooting but it is still black. Help!

      1. Kdr says:

        Did you get yours fixed? I got the same message today but I didn’t find the resolution to the problem.

  18. Mu says:

    Thank you so much! i called them thinking it was a real Apple support but once i heard an indian accent, i hung up immediately and they tried to call me again but i declined. I followed the instructions and it worked. Thanks!
    The number that pop up was 1-844-423-2464

  19. rose lee says:

    Good suggestions ! I was fascinated by the facts , Does anyone know where my business would be able to get ahold of a sample RD 1924-18 document to type on ?

  20. Elang says:

    Perfect ! I like it. Thanks a lot.

  21. dave says:

    awwsome help….fixed it right away Thanks,!!!!

  22. Jenny says:

    I cleared all history, cache and cookies but I was still unable to click links in any email without getting the ‘Warning: something’s not right’ error. I then removed my gmail app and am using the native mail app and all is good.

  23. Mike W says:

    I received the Message to call Apple Support 844-423-2466 immediatley. I found your website first and did as instructed. Safari is working fine. Thank you for your help.

  24. Susan B says:

    Was an Android user, just bought the iPhone 7 and got those popup fake messages. Thanks for the help as I won’t want to fork out money to fix this problem

  25. Jin says:

    Got the this fake Apple alert to call “Apple tech support” 1-844-423-2466 which is not a real apple support number. They would transfer me to some Indian asking for payment to remove this fake virus popup.

  26. khan says:

    Wow. I did clear the history and website data and now I am good. Before the issue, there was a number and message to call for tech help. I did talk to the indian guy hahah and there were background voices to pretend that it is a customer service center. The guy asked me that he will fix it in 10 minutes but you would need to install an app which costs $34 plus. I told him to relax as I will do my own research beforehand and here I am :).
    Thanks alotttttttttttttttttt.

  27. Clay Benfield says:

    Had the page popup and it locked safari.can’t remember the exact URL but it started with webnet.The number that was posted was 1(844)423-2466. Like other posters on here he had a thick indian accent.He asked for my iPAD serial number and then asked how old my ipad was.When I said over a year he said the warranty had expired but he could help me out.Immediately my antenna went up.I asked how much this was going to cost.He stated 34.95. When I asked how do I know this isn’t a scam,he went into this long speech.Needless to say I hung up,googled my problem,found this site,and easily fixed my problem by deleting my history.Thanks!

  28. Bridget says:

    My boys were watching a movie and locked the internet on our iPad. I called the number and there was a man with a heavy indian accent who kept dropping the phone and was so fraudulent. I hung up knowing it was a scam and went on the internet. It had the Call Immediately +1-844-807-9739 to get rid of a virus. So I searched the internet on my home computer and found this. It worked immediately after doing what I was told. Thanks so much.

  29. Ebone Thomas says:

    *****On my iphone*****THE NUMBER IN POPUP WAS1-888-466-6881. Was told $39 TO FIX AND HE WOULDGive me all of his information so that I can verify that it was Apple. He also said that if I take it to an Apple store they would charge me the same except they would keep the phone for 5 to 6 days. Be safe people

  30. Ebone Thomas says:

    THE NUMBER IN POPUP WAS1-888-466-6881. Was told $39 TO FIX AND HE WOULDGive me all of his information so that I can verify that it was Apple. He also said that if I take it to an Apple store they would charge me the same except they would keep the phone for 5 to 6 days. Be safe people

  31. Floor Walenkamp says:

    Just happened to me….. Was in panic and paid the $39. Do I have to worry now….. So stupid not to read apple forum first….. I van decline the transaction so I will not lose the $39 but I am more worried for all the privacy and data… Please help me.

    1. iPad Help Joe says:

      Don’t need to worry, you should be safe. Most of the online popup is just a bogus scam in getting a one time payment.

  32. SR says:

    Iphone6 user just had a please call 1-844-313-8590 in order to install the apple. Which ticked me off than after speaking to someone that I could hardy understand I had a gut feeling it was a scam as soon as they said you need to pay and the more you wait the more expensive it will be My dad just went through the same thing on his iPad and unfortunately I was not home when it happened and he paid them 100 bucks. Well I’m pretty computer savvy and new he was full of BS so I told him no thanks I’ll clear it out myself. I looked online on my laptop just to see if anyone else out there was getting the same code and I found this page. I will now be posting to FB about this fake pop up.
    Clear history and you’ll be good as new.

  33. Jody says:

    Scam Site: logs-safari.net
    Phone: 1-844-313-8590

    Problem fixed with your suggestion of clearing cookies, cache, etc (all data to 0 bytes).
    Thank you!

  34. Nallely says:

    I gave them my email and address. Should I be worried. I can’t acces my email anymore but I have nothing important there since I only use it for school

  35. Steve says:

    By just calling the number can they access your information on the device(phone)?

  36. Casey bouwhuis says:

    Wow thanks for this info. I got a pop us saying “adware/spyware detected on your iPad – immediately call iOS tech support at 888-900-1758” i was sucpicious so wanted to call and see. Sure enough a guy picks up with a heavy Indian accent gives me the big long line of BS then tells me it will cost $110 for him to repair my iPad. While I was talking to him I googled this website and was laughing to myself as I listened to him. I told him this this is a scam and I’m not going to pay and he persisted to try to convince me that it was not. I started to read to him from the top of this page until I heard a click…busted, he hung up on me. Thanks again👍🏻.

  37. Sheryl Ellis says:

    Thank you! I followed your advice and was able to immediately clear the fraudulent Apple alert asking me to call the number for support! You rock!

  38. Ronny says:

    i have the issue that when i open up my “Mail” app it automatically freezes and then takes me to a “composed email” (from me) to: 1-844-823-6760 and the subject of the email is “+1-844-823-6760 Call Apple Tech Support immediately for assistance.”

    I did not call as I knew it was a scam verified by several online convos like this one. Now all these convos address the issue of frozen or “hi-jacked” safari, but not frozen/ hi-jacked email app.
    I cannot get into it all. When the above explained screen comes up it is totally frozen then the app closes on its own. I have closed out & restarted the app several times, including shutting down phone and even resetting phone via holding home and side switch for 10 seconds.

    Can anyone help me? 🙂

    1. Susan says:

      I had the same problem with my mail app being frozen (only brought up a blank screen) and then reverting back to home page. Here’s how I *finally* fixed the problem. Push the home button twice and find the outgoing email with the 844-423-2466 number. Instead of swiping up to delete it, tap to bring it up on the full screen. Add an email in the Send line (I used an old email that is still active but I no longer use), delete the 844 number from the cc line, then hit send. That seemed to take the scam email out of the queue, and reset the mail app.

      1. Joe says:

        This didn’t work for me. I have the exact same problem as Ronny. If I try to open email app I get a blank screen. If I double click home I see what appears to be the email app with the compose screen as indicated by Ronny but unlike Susan I couldn’t modify it at all (add TO email address, etc.). The app is totally unresponsive to anything I do. If I swipe up to delete it that doesn’t help either.

        I’ve tried all the other fixes here relating to clearing data for Safari etc again all to no avail. HELP.

      2. Joe says:

        Susan’s fix didn’t work for me. The compose email is not responsive at all. I can’t add an email address to make any changes at all. I have the exact problem Ronny has and have tried all the fixes listed in this forum regarding deleting web data, cookies etc. HELP

  39. George says:

    Clear safari data worked. Thanks.

  40. Angela says:

    Safariservice.net 18448236700.

  41. Terry says:

    5/10/2016: I didn’t call the number, but I got a ransom ware scare* message (see below) on my iPhone 6s+ (iOS version 9.2.1). After the message disappeared, it kept opening up my email and composing a draft that auto-filled the “Cc:” and “Subject:” fields**. To resolve, I disabled Javascript and cleared the cookies.

    **Draft Email:
    Cc: +1-844-823-6760
    Subject: +1-844-823-6760 Call Apple Tech Support immediately for assistance.

    *Scare Message (in red font to be intimidating I guess):

    Potential Threat Detected! Warning: YOUR Apple Device (iPhone or iPad) May Have ADWARE / SPYWARE VIRUS Call Apple Tech Support +1-844-823-6760 immediately for assistance on how to remove the virus. The call is toll-free.Possible network damages if virus not removed immediately:
    Your credit card details and banking information. Your e-mail passwords and other account passwords. Your Facebook, Skype, AIM, ICQ and other chat logs.
    Your private photos, family photos and other sensitive files. Your webcam could be accessed remotely by stalkers with a VPN virus
    Seeing these pop-up’s means that you have a virus installed on your Apple Device (iPhone or iPad) which puts the security of your personal data at a serious risk. It’s strongly advised that you call the number above and get your Apple Device (iPhone or iPad) fixed before you continue using your internet, especially for shopping.
    Call Apple Tech Support +1-844-823-6760 immediately for assistance on how to remove the virus

    Get ready…

    I was able to get the message to appear on my PC by going going to the following link:

    It kept giving me the unresponsive script notice via Firefox. I hope this helps!

  42. Patty says:

    I just got ripped off..I was scared and caved, went against my better judgment..paid 29.00 bucks!! Called reported to my credit card and cancelled it. Number is 844-489-0821

  43. roxanne says:

    1800 015 603 in Australia i was using chrome on my phone, got the message to call them due to a virus on my phone, i just closed the app down and then deleted the app re downloaded the app and cleared my history… no dramas after that! i will however call them and just F*%K with them for a while to see how much i can annoy them and waste there time!!!

  44. manilyn says:

    Got this message today, Potential thread detected warning: Your iOS Device (iPhone/IPad) May have Adware/Spyware virus. Call IOS tech support + 1-800-810-197.So I called this number and gave the serial number of my Ipad.Will my Ipad is still be secure?

  45. Katie says:

    1 (888) 508-0892

    Safari-build.com. Adware/spyware alert. All of the information in the apps may be compromised. Call the above Apple support tech number. It is toll free.

    Just like everyone said- heavy Indian accent and $29 to remove the virus with 7 days of guarantee. Ugh, those Indians think we are completely stupid.

  46. rebecca says:

    appletechnicaladware.us potential threat call 1-800-969-1409

  47. kelly says:

    got a message today after trying to download and app stopping me from entering safari. Says safari support I have adware/virus that has been detected and I must call this support number 1-877-300-8137. its a scam. I didn’t catch it at first but the first but I could hear a lot of back ground noise like this person was in a food court or restraunt. he had a heavey idian accent. he said he was from apple support and he could help me but my warranty was over so he could do it today for a one time fee of $29.95. I told him that I would have to wait till my other half came home since she has my card and he said he could call and get the number so we could go aead and get it fix. I told him id call him back later so he said ok and we hung up. right after that I found this site and did the above and now its fixed.
    Thank You!!!!! Very much!!!
    I almost got scamed.

  48. B Garza says:

    I got a message stating to contact IOS support because my computer had adware spyware this is the number that it said to call 1-866-269-7571 and it was a fake IOS Support asking for money when I told him no he proceeded to be very rude especially when I told him I would just take it to my phone provider because I didn’t feel safe giving my personal info on the phone.

  49. aj says:

    I got I Virus (Adware) on my ipad and asked to call 1-877 908 6248 for a fix. I called that number and an Indian guy asked me $99 to clean up. I didn’t believe him and told him that his company is the source of the virus. I asked him if I wanted to go to apple to fix it, he said it resolved ONLY by calling that number. What a scam bug!

  50. lillian mcgowan says:

    thanks so much for your post
    also: there’s another # to add to the post:
    1-800-303-3005 — they want $29.95 to ‘take out the virus’ and ‘reinstall safari’
    (but your above steps fixed the issue)

  51. June Munoz says:

    I was on Pintrest and got the pop saying that the use of my Safari and my Apple device had been disabled due to security issues. It had ask me to call 800-870-3001 to resolve these. I knew something was “not right” so closed the Pintrest website and started looking for answers. Found them!! The number they used was 800-870-3001

  52. Santhosh says:

    Wow this site made my day thanks a lot. I clear the history that resolved my issues.

  53. Jay says:

    I have an IPhone 6 plus and a pop up said that there is an virus and that my phone is at risk. I called this 1800-313-9406″Technical Support”. An Indian women answered and then I connected my phone to my Mac desktop. I let her have remote control and she showed my the threats on the Mac and then showed me that it would cost 329$ to fix!! I insisted that it was too much and then hung up. I also gave her my email and phone number. I then downloaded AVG free antivirus and updated my IOS system. Is my computer safe? I also cleared the cookie and history stuff

  54. mvkaken says:

    I am very worried that I let him do remote access on my desktop computer when he said it’s not only my iphone that is infected but all devices. Please let me know how to secure our computer. Thank you.

    1. iPad Help Joe says:

      Your best bet is format the computer or try and download this virus scanner: eset.com/us/online-scanner
      I suggest you avoid doing personal banking or credit card payment on the infected computer. During the remote access did the person install anything on your computer?

  55. Simon says:

    My iphone 6 would get a popup from playerme.org saying “You are not register yet! To watch this and other movies with no limits, you must activate your account!” Close the popup and went to look for some iPhone Virus scanner app. Cleared History and data for safari but the iPhone is still hijack/redirect to other apps like Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Game of War, Summoners War and other popular apps. This problem seem to still happen even connecting to other router network. Even connecting to my data plan wifi the problem still persist.

  56. Beliah says:

    I received a message that my phone had a virus with the app GlobeConvert

    I had downloaded it before in 2014 and that had not occurred.

    The number it gave me was 1800-313-9406 I called it and it rung a long time then a person answered with an accent and I hung up. I did not believe it was a legit source of Apple care.

  57. Anonymous User says:

    So many scams.
    1-844-780-4008 is another one. Company name is:
    ACU Technosoft LLC.
    DBA ACU Tech Guru.
    Address posted on website is: 57W 57th street 4th floor
    New York, NY 10019
    They don’t exist there.

  58. Jane says:

    After clicking on a YouTube link.

    I got a popup with: “System Warning! Apple iPhone is infected with virus and immediate action is required. Continue and follow the instructions to fix your Apple iPhone. Do not close this window. **Exit at your own risk**”. The URL has mobileappltd.com as the first part.

    I tried to close the popup, then it directed me to another website (the URL of the site is from mobileappltd, but the content said that it’s from Google. The same popup showed up again and blocked most of the content. So, I couldn’t see much of anything. I figured it’s a scam. So, closed the page, and followed the direction listed above to clear the history.

    I hope my iPhone isn’t infected with virus or malware…

  59. Manuela Armendariz says:

    I forgot what address I typed exactly but I was trying to read an article on espn.go.com when the message showed up. I assumed the message was from apple so I called the number that I was asked to call immediately. It was 866-265-2847. The gentleman told me that my device was badly infected and that it could be fixed for $79. I refused to pay that and asked to speak to his supervisor, he hung up. I did give him my email address though.

  60. Emmy says:

    18003139406 “info suport” I knew they were bad news when there were multiple misspellings on their website. I had a pop up on my iphone saying a third party had hacked my phone. When I called they were very insistent that I let them fix my phone and give them my credit card number. I said I wanted to check with the apple store first, and when they were insistent that I didn’t go there first, I knew for sure it was a scam and hung up. I cleared my history and cache like you said on this site and everything went back to normal.

  61. Virginia says:


  62. Lesss says:

    Fake forgot the website name but if the message says these things below are at risk it’s fake !
    Toll free fake number 1(844)854-6870
    1 credit card information
    2 bank account
    3 pictures family pictures personal pictures
    4 email information and passwords in general

  63. elyse says:

    It seems like these solutions aren’t working for me. When the pop up opened saying that I have an adware virus I panicked and restarted my iPhone immediately so I didn’t get to see what the number was or the Web address. I’ve looked online and stumbled upon many sites that say “delete safari cookies and cache should do the trick” and “unless your iPhone isn’t jailbreaked, it can’t get a virus”. I tried deleting my safari cookies, cache and Web data but it won’t let me as that option button is greyed out and not highlighted in blue so I went to advance instead and cleared website data from there hoping that would do but it seems like it hadn’t because I still get pop up ads and my iPhone never allowed pop up ads before. I have an iPhone 4s that’s only has the 8.4.1ios update and I’m pretty sure it isn’t jailbroken. Also if I update my iPhone to the latest version would it help remove the adware virus or not? Please help! I really need help with this 🙁

  64. Claude says:

    Accidently clicked on popup and pressed to call number. Spoke to Robin with Acu Technosoft at 1-800-303-3005. After going around in circles for a CC number to charge 29.95 finally got them to admit they did not work directly for Apple just “work on apple devices” He did try to tell me they are contracted by Apple and after I asked him if he was willing to hold while I called Apple Tech Support and confirm this he finally hung up.

  65. Cynthia says:


    called the number, indian accented man verified my name and phone, said he checked my device and that indeed they could fix it for $99.99. I said no and hung up.

  66. Anonymous says:


    I called the number and an indian accent answered. They ask for IMEI of my phone. They said my iphone got a virus and they offer to fix that for $49.99. I asked if theres any way to rid that virus. And they said no other way. Then i said i will just visit apple store, they keep convincing me to remove the virus. I said that i will just call them back. I search how to remove virus and safari head me to this site. Thank you

  67. Billy says:

    Got a popup message on my Samsung S5
    Caller: Fixioappear


    Your was selected because we need more testers for the new iPhone 7

    Press OK to participate and receive a free iPhone 6S

    This this fix by:
    Going to Settings and App manager scroll “All Apps”
    selected Chrome browser app
    “Clear Data Cache”

  68. Megan says:

    My popup said fixiosnowonline.com with the number +1-866-604-8496. Some Indian dude was trying to tell me my iPhone was cursed, and that “there wasn’t time to fix it at an Apple store.”

  69. Bill says:


  70. Roy says:

    My wife received this error with a phone number 1 (877) 246-2613. Called number which had quite a wait time then someone who spoke english quite well but not as a native US english person asked for first and last name, phone number and email, which I gave. His team would fix problem for $56 and take just a few minutes as they reloaded safari on the server. At that point, if figured it was a scam and hung up. Later I did a search and found this site.

  71. Lisa says:

    I got one today from 18668145701 they told me I had a potential threat had been detected and I needed to call the number to fix it immediately

  72. steph says:

    SCAM! Don’t call and DO not give any money. 866-604-8496

  73. Liz says:

    Straight up scam, asked for my name, didn’t give full thankfully, asked for email, actually gave that away and serial #. Indian accent, straight up called 4xs? 1time call didnt go through 2nd they hunged up on me 3rd was fuzzy and 4th i was an idiot freaking out. I told them I was broke, and told me to call back @ 866-604-8496. They were asking for $129.99 ha like i’ve got that kind of $$$ be careful!

  74. Guillermo says:


  75. Paul says:

    I got a similar pop-up on my iPad warning that I had downloaded a virus and giving the phone number 1-866-604-8496. I called and a man with a heavy Indian accent answered, said he was from Apple, and asked for my email address. I gave him an email address that I don’t use with my iPad and he said he could determine based on my email addres that I had downloaded a virus and would need to install additional security software! I hung up and called the real AppleCare number, which confirmed this was a scam.

  76. Doug says:

    iPad pop-up saying I had adware/spyware/virus
    I didn’t bother calling them – I knew it was a scam.
    At hwho.is/whois/web-support-online.com, it shows this website registered just 5 days ago at GoDaddy, so just another scam.

  77. Anna says:

    yes.com-site.link/ Is scam malware or adware!

  78. Cody says:


  79. anonymous says:


  80. Mike Meneses says:

    I was surfing the net when I got a pop up. The message started with “Potential Thread Detected! warning. YOUR iOS Device (iPhone or iPad) May Have ADWARE / SPYWARE VIRUS.
    Call iOS Tech Support +1-844-662-4142.” I called the number and someone with a heavy Indian accent answered. I forgot exactly how he greeted me, but it was not in a manner you’d expect from an apple employee. I asked what are you tech support for? He replied Iphone, Ipad any iOS device. I told him about the message I received and he asked for my apple ID. I immediately hung up sensing it was a scam. Sure enough once I had the ability to get on the internet with another device I found this site. Clearing my history and cookies did the trick. Just calling them doesn’t put me in any type of risk right? I want to call back and tell him he has a potential threat and for 80 bucks I’ll fix it for him! What scum bags!

  81. Jme says:

    Potential Threat detected! Adware / Spyware Fixiostoday.com 1-844-654-5186. I cleared cache & cookies.

  82. SC says:


    Potential Thread Detected! warning. YOUR iOS Device (iPhone or iPad) May Have ADWARE / SPYWARE VIRUS.
    Call iOS Tech Support +1-844-654-5186.”

    Cleared history and removed cookies and data. Message disappeared the next time I opened Safari.

  83. Fi says:

    Number 8446624142. I hate that guy with Indian accent so much. After the phone called, my card is billed 800$! What the fuck! Fortunately, the card is declined and they are not be able to steal my money!

  84. randy says:


    “Potential Thread Detected! warning. YOUR iOS Device (iPhone or iPad) May Have ADWARE / SPYWARE VIRUS.
    Call iOS Tech Support +1-844-654-5186.”

  85. EL says:

    Received a pop-up about safari-warning on my iPad today. The pop-up mentions the e-mail password, credit card account, and personal information are at risk, etc. It cannot be closed and it is very annoying. It instructs me to call 1-800-870-1886 Apple Tech Support to remove the virus. Followed the above suggestions of clearing safari cookies, cache and history, the pop up box was removed. Thanks so much!

  86. Jim says:

    Today, I had the same problem popping up on Safari. The message started with “Potential Thread Detected! warning. YOUR iOS Device (iPhone or iPad) May Have ADWARE / SPYWARE VIRUS.
    Call iOS Tech Support +1-844-662-4142.” I arrived at IPadHELP by re-typing the above quote and was able to fix the problem by clearing my Safari History, Cookies and Data.

    FYI When I googled just the 1-844 phone phone number, it took me to a website with the following url.
    247techsupportsolutions.com/index-2.html# , with the following:

    24*7 Tech Support Solutions
    Unlimited Support
    PC Support & Tech
    Support starting from
    Just $299.99 a year

    Thanks to Google and iPadHELP for helping with this annoying problem.

  87. tierra says:

    this literally happened to me today, popped up on my safari and wouldn’t let me exit out. so I called the number it gave for apple support and of course, a heavy Indian speaking man got on, I demanded to be transferred to someone that was from the united states and he refused, another one got on and would not give his name nor badge number and hung up on me! they said the only way to get rid of the virus was to pay $40 and there was no other way it would clear off my phone. went to settings, safari and cleared my history etc. and its cleared! what a scam.

  88. Tristan says:

    I called the number that appeared on the screen and when I did I was a little scared about the “adware” that was installed on my iPad. The Indian guy asked for my card number, the number on the back, and my billing address, so I gave it to him since I was scared of the fact that there was a virus on my tablet. What should I do?

    1. iPad Help Joe says:

      You should close the credit card or report it to the bank.. The safari adware for the iphone is like a bogus fraud, it doesn’t do anything. You just have to clear the safari cookie.

  89. Jia Jun Shi says:

    While i was on safari searching up things, this random long page showed up so much times and keep saying called this phone number saying i have a virus on my phone. My phone is iphone 6 and i just got it like 2 weeks from now. I already closed it and did some research but i’m not sure any of them is what i want… Please help.

  90. Alex says:

    The problem persists. Software recently updated. Cleared website data.

  91. Anonymous says:

    I got a msg on my iPad that locked up the screen with a number to call they said they were Apple support and on three calls they gave me 3 different charges to clear the problem. 29.95. 69.99 and 99.99 there number is 800 303 3005. They gave me 3 different addresses also. 1 in Manhattan 1 in deer park ny and 1 in buffalo. all 3 are non existant fake addresses. BS scammers of the first order. have fun with them if u want and jerk their chains for five mins w goofy questions like their first and last names the exact company name and address etc then tell them you don’t give out cc numbers over the phone cuz of the scammers and fishers like the who try to rip off people It really gets them po d cuz they just wasted time on your call and they get paid only on commission !

  92. Stefan says:

    Got a pop on google that told me to call this
    Number toll free 1-844-653-1020. Out of curiosity I called they asked various questions of my iPhone and said it was going to cost 100$.

  93. Diego says:

    Larry in Texas (the guy above my comment) call the same number

  94. Diego says:

    Safari stoped working on my IPod touch and a page would come up saying warning your iosdevice has been infected with a spyware/ please call your ios technician at 1(844)2479464(toll free) and when I call this guy who I couldn’t really understand much because he had a weird accent kind of likr an Arabic accent his name was David and he say that he was going to charge me $80 dolars to repair my iPod and I say that if there was anywhere I could go to speack with someone personally and he said tha there was no stores that it had to be done online and if I go to the Apple store I was going to be charged $100 dollars so I just told him I was going to call later I went online to find a solution and came across this link and I went to my safari settings how it says here and erease the history and the and I was able to use safari like if nothing never happened but I did gave up my email

  95. Larry in Texas says:

    I got two flashing error pages on my iphone4 after clicking on a youtube video.
    One was a very official looking blue outlined Apple error box.
    The pages wouldn’t stop flashing alternately and didn’t allow me to exit to another page on Safari.
    I suspect now the rapid flashing is intended to induce a little panic.
    Consequently, I had trouble getting the (scam) number to call, which BTW was (844) 247-9464.
    I switched my phone to Airplane Mode then eventually just turned it off.
    Other features on the phone were working (until I switched to Airplane Mode.)
    I came home and got online on my MacBook Pro to look up the number and the company name, US Info Solutions.
    Not to sound racist but the “tech support person” was clearly Indian.
    He said they were based in Las Vegas.
    I asked several times, somewhat in a panic, if he worked for Apple or were they an authorized Apple tech support provider.
    He answered affirmatively but not confidently or deliberately.
    I would expect any Apple personnel or their subcontractors would be articulate, clear and confident.
    This has always been my experience with anybody associated with Apple. He wasn’t any of these.
    He directed me to the Settings (App?) and advised we were going to have to reboot or reset my iOS system.
    It sounded like he kept saying I U S, not iOS
    He asked for my iCloud Account name, which I rarely use.
    I happen to be one of those that love my iPhone but clearly don’t fully utilize all its capabilities and features (like the iCloud.)
    But I knew what iCloud was, it sounded logical and I gave him my account (email account) information.
    He somehow was able to access my phone number and repeated it back to me.
    Ironically, he misspoke repeating back my email account name and that would have probably saved me some grief.
    The connection was poor and frankly his English was worse.
    He explained he could “see” 6 or 7 viruses that were the result of an ad or video.
    He said he could fix the problem entirely and return my phone to it’s previous condition.
    That I would not lose any emails, contacts, texts or pictures.
    He put me on hold a few minutes, maybe less than a minute.
    We were disconnected and he called me back.
    if it’s at all important, when he called back the Caller ID was “Unknown”.
    All this time I was searching the internet for the number, for US Info Solutions and generally how to “disinfect” my iPhone.
    About this time, I saw a comment on one site that said these scammers infect your device then charge you for a fix when you call in to this seemingly official 8XX number.
    When he called back he implied he had remote control of my phone and he said he was going to have another tech download an App that would remove the adware/malware viruses.
    At this point he said, somewhat apologetically that it would cost for the app or fix, a one time charge of $49.99.
    Now my suspicions were confirmed.
    I said I was going to check directly with Apple for a fix and I hung up.
    I’ve spent the next several hours changing User ID’s, passwords and security questions and created an new email specifically for my bank accounts.
    I’m debating whether to cancel the email address I gave him.
    I did get an email from Apple a few minutes later that someone tried to use my email address to access my FaceTime account and my iMessages (which I rarely use.)
    I followed the suggested fix above clearing the History, Cookies, Data, etc.
    I’m hoping this fixes the adware virus.
    I happen to have a new iPhone 5 in the box and have put off switching over (I just like my 4) but will be doing that soon (tomorrow.)
    I apologize if this commentary is a bit verbose but I had hoped the details and pattern of behavior would help someone else avoid this frustration and any cost.
    We need to stick together if we’re going to beat these slime balls, wherever they hail from.

  96. Natalie says:

    Hey Sandy,

    I just went through the exact same thing after i called that number it sounded fishy so i went online and had apple support call me. They looked into it and it was a fake message from a website, she walked me through clearing everything and said I should be fine.

  97. Sandy says:

    I cleared my history but I don’t know if it’s a fake virus I called this number and they told me I have to pay them $80 I just told them I rather take my iPhone to the Apple Store they said my iphone is going to restart in 3 hrs and erase my contacts etc. They asked for my email
    Someone let me know if it was a false virus

  98. DB says:

    com-youluckywheel.com adware or malware – I had to “accept” to continue, so I had to clear cache etc.

  99. Mike White says:

    online-safari-detect.com Safari-Alert Suspicious Activity Might Have Been Detected
    Major Security Issue To fix it please call Supportfor Apple +1 800-457-5916 OK


  100. Tori says:

    I got this one:

    Potential THREAD detected!

    call iOS Tech Support. 1-844-247-9464

    Just a warning to others….. Details, fit this sort of scam. Happens I safari a lot . MacKeeper is a scam too that will get you on your laptop; there are warnings out about that. The Indian accents mentioned by some hear are a dead giveaway if someone actually talksbtomthese folks. Every real apple tech imhave ever spoken too has been American. They are usually in Dallas it Alabama or Capistrano but Americans all.

  101. Anonymous User says:

    I love this website, thank you everyone. I just accidentally clicked on an ad in a webpage and it said like FBI Warning, blah blah 5 to 7 years in prison 500 dollars please. I went online on my laptop and it saved me 😛 My hands were shaking hard cuz I couldn’t do anything lol.

    Thank you, website.

  102. Tim says:

    I got this pop-up on 8/30/15.
    A third party application on your phone will cause your iOS to crash.
    Call this number immediately!! 1-877-343-6399
    I called the number and I was told that my phone had gotten malware planted on it while on the internet and that unless I had them download a new IOS within the next 30 minutes, my Iphone would crash. They said that they needed my email address in order to verify that my phone was at risk. I foolishly gave it to them. They said will charge me $60.00 and said that I should do this right now or my phone would crash.
    When they said that they would charge my $60.00, it finally occurred to me that this may be a scam and I ended the call.
    I took my phone over to my local Verizon store and they used the method describe above to remove the pop-up. The technician said that if you get this pop-up, DO NOT click on the “OK” button on the bottom of the box because this will implant a cookie and you will then not be able to close the pop-up. Instead, just use the home button to close your browser.

  103. Julie says:

    1-855-973-1420 i.o.s experts also…said they were FBI and I was accused of viewing. Neither of which I have! Wanted me to pay $500 to unlock my phone (Safari)

  104. EAST/WEST Coast says:

    traveltrainer.info Sent IOS Crash Report and a # to call

  105. beth says:

    i-phonesupports.com don’t go on this page !!!!

  106. Rob says:

    1 800 870 1886

  107. felix says:

    thanks it works.

  108. Jeanine Flynn says:

    Suspicious activity might have been detected major security issue
    To fix it please call support for Apple 1-800-447-8361 toll-free immediately

  109. reza says:

    hi,please help me. i had get this comment and i did not know what i have to do and i just kept kliking on ok but it does not finished on that comment came again and again then i came out of the app and i was worried and i did not call that number and i did not see any problem on my ipad and then i searched and i did your advice.i want to know is my ipad still safe?and if not what going to happen?please help me.thanks

  110. A says:

    Safari alert

    To fix it contact Apple support
    1(800) 477-8361

    Clearing cookies and data worked on iPad

  111. Aleks says:

    1(800) 477-8361 is also a fake Apple support

  112. iPad Help Joe says:

    Due to third party application in your phone,
    iOS crashed Contact Support for Immediate
    Fix 0-800-874-8529 Toll Free

  113. Cassie says:

    Warning iOs-crash Report
    Due to a third party application in your iPhone or iPad, iOs crashed
    Contact Support for an Immediate Fix
    +1-877-908-2105 (Toll Free)

    cleared history & pop-up is now gone

  114. michelle says:

    Said server error from third party application — warning iOS crash report, call for immediate fix. geek-server.info. 1-877-908-2105. Had to pay $79 just to have them tell me to go to safari and clear browsing history. Figured it was a scam, but had no clue how to fix it myself. I should have just taken it to an Apple Store, but didn’t have time with my work schedule, and needed my iPad for work. They have heavy accents and are very difficult to understand.

  115. Jay says:


  116. CJ Crider says:

    warning ios crash
    contact immediately, toll free number
    clearing the history and cookies through settings>safari>
    got rid of that screen.

  117. Phillipa says:

    I rang the number and actually gave them my name and email address before I picked up on it being a scam. Will my iPad still be secure?

    1. iPad Help Joe says:

      Yes the iPad is still safe.

  118. Rozaini Miyong says:

    iPad air on sound and turn iMessage on This is Apple ID

  119. Alan says:

    Phone 855-337-8035

  120. Alan says:

    I didn’t see this one above: i-care247.com
    Phone number to call: 855-337-8035
    What’s funny was the “techs” had such an strong Indian accent I thought it was real. They wanted $49.99 to “permanently solve my problem.”

  121. anonymous says:

    ask me to call a phone number that gave me fake apple support.

  122. anonymous says:

    Here are some fake adware site


  123. Ben says:

    bsod-error.info the phone number is: 855-895-8959

  124. simon says:


    Got Popup
    Alert: (647)260-4455

  125. Fayne says:

    Phone # 1-844-807-9739

    Problem was fixed with your suggestion, clear history & cookies. thx 🙂

  126. Tony says:


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