iPad Won’t Turn On – How to Fix

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// May 23, 2015

If you have too many applications on your iPad Air that is running in the background, this could make your iPad not turn on. If your battery drains out completely, the device will automatically switch off and you may not be able to turn on without charging it first. So, if you are facing black screen or, your iPad won’t turn on, then you may probably consider this one as one of the issues apart from the other common issues. In the extreme cases, you may visit the Apple Service Center if it is any hardware related problem, otherwise the following suggestions should be good enough to fix your device.

First of all, check whether your device is actually turned on or not by pressing the iPad’s power button. If your device is working fine then the Apple logo should appear in a few moments.

iPad Won’t Turn On - How to Fix

If nothing happens, consider forcing your device to restart by pressing the Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously with the home button for at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears and then release the Power button but keep holding onto the home button for another 15 seconds.. Do not worry doing this as, it is safe and not going to erase all of the current apps/content on your device.

Use Genuine Apple USB Cable

If the device still remains with the black screen, then put your iPhone/iPad to charging with a genuine iPad adapter for an hour(the one that come with the iPad & not the one that can be bought for $3-5dollar on eBay/amazon). You should borrow a friend’s charging cable to test out different charger.

If both the device and the adapter are working fine, then you should see the charging screen in a few minutes. But, if it is not showing the charging screen even after an hour, then double check whether there’s any connection fault or any damage causing the issue. Make sure everything is plugged in firmly.

iPad Won’t Turn On - How to Fix

You can also try other charging tools that come along with your iPad if your regular charging adapter isn’t working. You can charge your iPad with the wall adapter unit as well to see if this has anything to do with the charging peripherals of the device.

Cleaning Charging dock connector

Try blowing(using your mouth) on the charging dock connector & headphone sound jack to remove the dirt/debris that might have been trap inside. In addition you can use a dry toothbrush to brush on the charging socket.

Doing a restore through iTunes:

Restoring from iTunes can fix frozen on the apple symbol screen. But you would need to use an old backup files. Checkout here for more info on how to iPad Restore on iTunes.

Visit an Apple Store or Call in For Repair

Hopefully, above suggestions should get your device up and running after a proper restart of your device. If none of the suggestions worked out for you, then it is possibly a hardware malfunction which is causing the device not to turn on. In this case, you can visit the Apple service center and seek their help or replace any faulty parts that they suggest to you. If you live far away from an Apple Store, you can contact them at 1-800-MY-APPLE to set up a mail-in repair. You may be charge for the repair depending on your warranty status.

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