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// September 30, 2015

Congratulations! You have won Apple iPhone 6, please fill out your information here, or verify my apple account. These kind of phishing E-mail are trying to steal your personal information. In the most cases, this type of emails are sent to gather your Apple ID and password to grab any personal information or any of your credit card account’s information that can benefit the scammers. Not all the email will mention the same thing that is mentioned here, but you will surely see there’s something like that written in the email to prompt you to provide the personal information. This is one of the easiest ways to check if that is fake or not. After all, you know for sure that you didn’t participate in any quiz contest or anything that can make you win something.


Even if you have mistakenly opened the link, you will notice that the URL that opens does not read exactly like of the valid apple site. It will not start in the original domain of Apple.com. For making sure if you can trust it or not, the valid link will never get redirected and the domain will be apple.com or iCloud.com as these are the only legit domains that are used for Apple Services. In fact, you may even see the exactly same look alike Apple website with a different domain which will try to trick you into entering your information. These are phishing emails which are crafted to make users fall under the trap and give away personal information.

Validate my Apple Account Email – Do not click on the link and enter your Account & Password

Therefore, if you want to be safe from these fake emails, then never open the links in suspicious emails and always check with Apple Support
These phishing email would end with E-Mail provider which is not own by Apple:
@outlook.com (own by microsoft)
@gmail.com (Google)
@yahoo.com (Yahoo)

(@apple.com) are used by Apple the most frequently.

The fake phishing email would have some product name from apple in the front like (iTunes, iCloud, Support, facetime, appleteam)
[email protected]
[email protected]
which are all fake because they aren’t sent by the @apple.com or @iCloud. It is also common sense to never send personal information, account password, other financial account such as credit card and bank account information in an email. Many companies have policies that state they will never solicit these information through eMail.


Just like emails, you may get automated phone calls asking you to participate in grabbing free Mac Pro or may be iPad and you will be required to fill out their fake Apple form ─ and there goes your money! These phone calls apparently are automated which as a result don’t allow you to ask questions, as a result, some of you might trust them and some might not. They never call using the same number and the numbers might look something like: 805-798-0856, 831-254-7243, 831-254-8931, 831-707-4607 asking for payment to fix iPhone virus.

The only legit phone number is listed at: Apple for Support and Service

You can’t even know if the fake call you are going to get will be from these numbers or not. Thus, be smart and never disclose your information without first verifying the caller even if you have to miss out on winning million of dollars.

Please write a comment below with the phone # below, if you got contact before. So other users won’t be fool! Check Here to see if you Cannot send Email on iOS 10

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