iPad FaceTime Problems: How to Fix

// May 10, 2015
iPad FaceTime Problems How to Fix

FaceTime is a cool feature that works like Google hangouts or Skype that comes with all the latest iPad and iPhone 6. However, for iPads, it has to be iPad 2 or later version to enjoy this feature. Since it is relatively new to those who were using the older version before, there are users who are finding FaceTime problems on their iPad Air/iPhone like “unable to contact the FaceTime Server, Try Again”. Here, you can find some of the most common problems with FaceTime Activation Error: “Could not sign in. Please check your network connection and try again”.

Issues with Activating FaceTime:


  • First of all, make sure your internet connection is working properly.
  • Check with your Apple ID whether it is valid or not by visiting (https://appleid.apple.com)
  • You can also check your email address if it is verified by tapping on settings>FaceTime.
  • If above information found valid, try restarting your iPad; hopefully, FaceTime should work.

FaceTime waiting for activation:

  • Consider following all the steps listed in the Issues with Activating FaceTime and then turn off iMessage and FaceTime> Check whether or not your number is appearing in My number> Restart the device.

iPad FaceTime Problems How to Fix

  • Now, go to the “Restrictions” and make sure you have selected “Allow Changes” to let FaceTime work and reset your network settings.
  • In the worst case, try to erase all the data and put it back to the factory settings.

Unable to Make/Receive FaceTime Calls on iPad or iPhone:

  • Try to restart the device to see if the problem gets fixed.
  • Make sure you have enabled FaceTime by going to the settings option.
  • Check if your camera is restricted for FaceTime. For that, go to settings and find the “Restrictions” under the “General tab”.
  • One common mistake is calling to the number using iPad, make sure you are using the email address of the contact that you are trying to call.

FaceTime App not found:

iPad FaceTime Problems How to Fix

  • In this rare case, try to update your iOS to the latest version and check if the problem is fixed.
  • You can also check the “Restrictions” settings to verify if the FaceTime and camera is activated.
  • Try to restart the device if you are done with both of them above.

Poor connection error:

  • Generally, it has to do with the Wi-Fi or data connection. So, check with your router and restart both your device and router.
  • If the problem persists, you may change the DNS server to ( which is located in your Wi-Fi settings.
  • ipad-air-facetime-dns

More or less, these are the common problems and solutions to fix them. However, there are some countries where FaceTime is not supported and some devices which are not compatible with it although they are made by Apple. Nevertheless, iOS7 is highly updated to fix most of the software based issues with FaceTime, so consider updating your iPhone and iPad whenever there is an update available to stay hassle free.


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    for something like ipad you take with you in public there should be louder audio for facetime. if apple cant do that how about writeing your message while in facetime.

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