Improve Wifi Speed with iOS 9 WiFi Assist on iPhone/iPad

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// October 12, 2015
How to Improve Network Performance with iOS 9 WiFi Assist on iPhone/iPad

Slow internet connections are most annoying when you are trying to watch a video or surf the web on the iPhone. The video won’t buffer fast enough. In this tutorial iPhone WiFi Assist will help speed up your internet.

Note: Wi-Fi Assit will use your Data Plan(So turn this off if you want to save your precious data) – Wi-Fi Assists turn on Data when you have a weak Wi-Fi Signal

There are tons of reasons why you have a weak internet connection. So if you are an iPhone user and just upgraded to iOS 9, then you need to know of the new feature that is struggling and striving hard to improve your internet connection. This is called WiFi Assist and here is how it works.

How to Improve Network Performance with iOS 9 WiFi Assist on iPhone iPad

If you are using an iPhone or a cellular-based iPad, then the features is responsible for changing between WiFi and network data. If you are far away from any of the saved networks on your phone and the signals aren’t reaching you device, it switches to network data to prevent disconnection of your device from the internet.

When you upgrade to iOS9, this new feature is enable by default but if it is not, you want to enable it. You can enable WiFi Assist by clicking on the following: Settings > Cellular > Wi-Fi Assist and switch it to on. If you opted to disable cellular data usage on your phone, WiFi Assist will still connect to cellular data so make sure you have a good cellular data plan. If you do not have a good plan, then just be aware that you are surfing the internet on your device via cellular services and not WiFi. If none of the options are for you, then good news is you can always turn WiFi Assist off.

How to Improve Network Performance with iOS 9 WiFi Assist on iPhone iPad

How does an app judge whether a connection is poor or not? If you are out of range and are getting barely one bar of strength of WiFi connectivity, then iOS 9 decides it is a poor connection and switch to cellular data.

The upside of this brand new feature is that you can stay connected to the internet without worrying and biting your nails over a slow internet connection. Some days your WiFi betrays its’ loyalty, but you needn’t cry over it as long as cellular data is at your rescue. This is why investing is a great cellular data plan is essential. Your homework, presentations or games *sigh* do not need to wait for the connection to pick up strength. And how it is all convenient on-the-go is a subject that doesn’t need to be discussed much.

Some Android users might argue that the feature is no big deal and it is already available to them when they upgraded their devices to Android Lollipop. Well, maybe the Apple vs. Android debate is better left for another day, folks.

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