How to Fix iPad Air Black or Red Screen

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// July 26, 2015
How to Fix iPad Black Screen

You see a black screen on your iPad Air that is not turning on at all. To be honest, in cases where you had dropped your iPad badly or your iPad was overheated for too long. Other than that, you can simply follow these simple suggestions which may fix this problem if it is temporary due to software malfunction or for any other minor technical issue.

  • At the very beginning, try to recall if your device was fully charged and was used by you at last. If you are confirmed with this then move on to pressing the home button and the wake/sleep button together for at least 10 seconds. After 10 seconds if you don’t see the Apple logo appearing then your device must have gone through some serious damage. However, in most of the cases, the Apple logo appears within 10 seconds if there was any minor issue. Noteworthy, doing this will not erase any data on your device, so feel free to do it but don’t make it your habit.

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  • If the first suggestion failed for you, then go on to plug the USB cable to your computer and then try to switch your device on. You would normally do it as you probably would do for iTunes. After plugging in the USB cable, try to force restart your device and wait for the Apple logo to appear. Do not release the home button even after the Apple logo appears, wait until you see the recovery mode screen. From there on, iTunes will reinstall iOS as needed without affecting the data on the device.
  • It is possible that some of the Apps ran in the background while you were away or you just simply didn’t notice. In such situations, you can charge your iPad for at least an hour with a proper and original iPad adapter. Once it is charged for more than an hour, try to normally turn it on. Hopefully this will fix it up.

Fix the iPad Red Fuzzy Screen – Do at your own Risk

Watch this video of how the user drop his iPad gently on the carpet mat to fix his red screen problem. Put towel and other mats to absorb the cushion of impact.

“Note do this on your own risk”

  • In some cases, the battery has perhaps lost the firm connection with your device which is a very rare case. So if you know how to check the connectivity then go for it, otherwise seek professional help to make sure your device is pretty solid as before.
  • Finally, if your iPad is very old and you have been using it heavily over the years, then it could be possible that the battery is completely dead and needs to be replaced. So, you can take your iPad to the Apple Store to replace the battery if it is viable with your iPad version

Nevertheless,  under such circumstances when you have tried all of the above, but couldn’t turn on your device, it is advisable that you take your iPad Air for repairing as it has to do with the hardware malfunction. If your display is damaged somehow, then you have no other choice than to buy a new iPad Air which could be costly of course.

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