Fake FBI Warning Popup Scam Virus On iPhone Safari

// October 24, 2015

Browsing the internet on the iPhone, suddenly a Warning from FBI popup appear on Safari. A (F.B.I. Moneypak Virus) popup will ask you to pay $500 to not be prosecuted. You’re very scare, the popup says you did something illegal like watching children porn. They would have messages that would scare you Example:”be fined for $200,000 if you don’t pay now and possibly 4-5 years in jail”. Don’t be fool by those messages, it’s all just a trick to scare you into paying them money. You haven’t done anything illegal, the scam would ask you to pay them money through Paypal or credit cards. This malware popup could show up on devices like iPhone 6, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and android smartphone.

Should You Pay For the Removal of Fake Malware/Virus?

  • Absolutely you shouldn’t pay the blackmailer, they would reinvest those fund into spreading more popup scams
  • This fake FBI Warning popup is really simple to fix on Safari or Chrome Browser. (takes 1-2min to save yourself 50-500 dollars)
  • You wouldn’t be prosecuted or arrest for any crime. This is all a fake bogus trying to defraud you.
  • You wouldn’t get any random crashes on your devices.

How to identify this FBI Warning Scam?


The FBI Virus would say something like, you have 48 hours to pay, or your iPhone’s data would be deleted or Locked “US Prohibited content. This device is locked due to a violation of the federal laws of the United States of America”. The fake popup agency could have other law enforcement like FBI Criminal Investigation, Homeland SecurityPolice Warning and many different government agencies. The most simple answer to tell if this is a fake FBI warning, if they ask you for money. 99% of the time when someone over the internet ask you for money, it would be a scam to defraud you. When you call the phone number, the person on the other side would have a heavy Indian accent.

Example Fake Warnings:
This device is locked due to violation of federal laws of the United States of America

Your device was used to visit websites containing pornography
Following violations were detected
child abuse

How to Remove/Delete FBI Warning Virus Popup

  1. First Close iPhone Safari browser by tapping on the Home button twice. Find Safari in the taskbar, and close it.
  2. If you can’t close Safari or Chrome, try restarting the iPhone by holding on the sleep/wake till a red slide appear.
    If this not work, restart you iPhone 6.
  3. Tap Settings – Safari – Clear History and Website Data. Press the Home button to return to your Home screen.
  4. Now go to Setting, look for Safari Setting and:
  5. Warning FBI safari setting
  6. Press Clear History and Website Data
  7. If you’re running the over version iOS
  8. Goto Safari Settings:
    1. Clear the Safari Histroy
    2. Clear the Cookie
    3. Clear the Cache

If this fixes your FBI virus problem, Please Leave a comment below with the site URL and their Phone Number/instruction so other iPhone users know this is a scam. This popup can also affect Android smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S, and Nexus smartphone

iPhone Malware removal method #2

Try restoring the iPad or iPhone to factory settings, to remove all the unwanted caches.

  1. Connect the iPhone to the computer with iTunes
  2. Save all back up all valuable data such as contacts to Apple’s cloud services.
  3. If the iPhone show the iOS assistant after booting up, the factory reset was successful and the FBI virus is removed.



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