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// 12 February 2021

AT&T has agreed to acquire T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom in a cash-and-stock deal valued at approximately $39 billion. AT&T operates the largest wireless network in the US, with about 95.5 million subscribers, while T-Mobile runs the fourth largest, with 23 million subscribers. Both networks are based on the same GSM technology used in most…

iPad Help, Tips & Tricks
// 13 March 2014
iMessage app doesn't take too kindly to Android users

Q: I have iMessage but cannot text non-Apple users on my iPad. I have iOS 7. A: You have an iPad, so iMessage should work, whether or not you have a Wi-Fi or cellular data tablet. However, if you have a data tablet, you should be able to message users in iMessage due to the…

// 23 February 2012

Customers have been leaving T-Mobile USA for the last few years but now that all of the other major carriers have the iPhone, customers are leaving in droves. The company reported today a net loss of 802,000 subscribers on contract-based plans in the forth quarter of 2011. That’s an unprecedented number for an industry that…