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Best iPad Apps
// 12 February 2021

There are several good alternatives to the Safari browser that comes on the iPad. While Safari works fine, these browsers add some additional features to web browsing on the iPad. Here are my top three iPad web browsers, all of them are available at the App Store. The first one is the Terra Web Browser….

How To
// 27 September 2016

The newest version of Apple’s operating system, the iOS 10, is packed with awesome features. Some of these features are doodled messages, notifications on lock screen, being able to reply to messages from notification, raise to wake, split-view and more! All iPhone and iPad users are overwhelmed with the new update, even the Music app…

iPad Help, Tips & Tricks
// 16 January 2014
Private browsing and close all tabs

I’m sure you’ve been told numerous times, if you’ve been a loyal iOS fan over the years, that you should eliminate as many web pages from your Internet browser as you can to prevent the loss of battery life. By removing the number of pages operating at once, you can save your battery juice for…

// 15 November 2013
iPad Air

The iPad Air has been out for a while and the reviews are in. Like any new Apple product there are the lovers and the haters, but the fans vastly outnumber the detractors. As with any new product there are issues, most of them seem to be pretty minor. Off-Color Screen It seems that several…

iPad Help, Tips & Tricks
// 12 June 2011

When iOS 5 is released this fall, it will bring an improved Web browsing experience to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users. Safari will include new features like tabbed browsing, Reader, private browsing and more. Here you can see the new tabs added in Safari. The photo also shows the Safari menu. iPad users can…