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iPad Help, Tips & Tricks
// 13 March 2011

iPad users with iOS 4.3 installed can easily add four or five-finger multi-touch gestures to their iPad. The new multi-touch gestures are a big improvement to multitasking on the iPad. The new gestures included are: Pinch to the Home Screen Swipe up to reveal multitasking bar Swipe left or right between apps Adding these gestures…

// 24 November 2010

Now that Apple has released the iOS 4.2 update, iPad users finally get some long over due new features. Here is a quick review of most of the new features. Multitasking / Folders – These are two of the major features with the update and they both work as expected. These features have been available…

// 21 June 2010

Apple has the iOS 4.0 upgrade available starting today for the iPhone and iPod touch on iTunes. The iPad version of iOS 4 will be released this

iPad Jailbreak
// 18 June 2010

Until Apple releases iOS 4 for the iPad, you can multi-task using Backgrounder and Circuitous on your jailbroken iPad. Backgrounder does just as the name implies, it allows you to run programs in the background. Circuitous allows you to see everything that is running in the background. Circuitous is similar to the Multiflow app but…

Best iPad Apps
// 19 April 2010
Multi Browser - Portrait

Do you want multitasking for your iPad but you don’t want to wait for the 4.0 OS upgrade? Well, you can get it now. There’s a app for that. The app is $2.99 and it’s available now in the app store. It’s called multitasking for iPad and it’s by Makayama.

// 10 April 2010
Apple iPhone

Multitasking is finally coming to the iPhone OS with the 4.0 upgrade. Apple took it’s time to include multitasking but it looks like they have got it right. They simply was not going to include it until they could do it in a way they would not drain the battery or slow it down. The…