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// 12 February 2021

Apple reported a record breaking quarter with $28.57 billion in revenues and $7.79 EPS versus $15.7 billion in revenue and $3.51 EPS a year ago. “We’re thrilled to deliver our best quarter ever, with revenue up 82 percent and profits up 125 percent,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Right now, we’re very focused and excited…

iPad Help, Tips & Tricks
// 26 December 2015
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Thanks to a nifty application called AirPrint Activator 2.0 it’s easy to print from your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch using AirPrint (even with iOS 9.) Not only is AirPrint Activator a great solution for printers that are not officially supported to use AirPrint but it’s Free. It’s not free for a limited time or…