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// 1 March 2017
iPad Notes

Q: As of February 1, all my notes disappeared from my iPad Air, iPhone 6 and iCloud. Went to Genius Bar and they had no answer for me. Reset my iPad with a prior iCloud backup date, no luck getting my notes back. Genius Bar and Apple have no clue; any ideas? Thanks. A: I’m…

// 20 February 2016

After updating your device to the latest version iOS 9 on the iPhone 6, you may have experienced this bug which the text  iMessage text box turns to gray. You are still able to type your message but there is a gray box that hides your text. This problem occurs when sending iMessage or SMS…

// 28 January 2016

If you’re experiencing a poor WiFi signal from your iPad or iPhone 6 at home, there are several ways to improve the signal. With a weak signal, the user would be frustrated with slow internet speed, random disconnect and short WiFi internet coverage. The guide below will explore ways that will help you get faster internet…