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// 1 March 2017

When downloading, updating or syncing apps to an iDevice like iPhone 6,iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Air, apps may occasionally get stuck waiting and never finish installing on the iPhone 6. Even with the latest update on ios 10.3.1, this error would appear sometimes. First, give the app enough time to download and make sure it’s…

// 17 February 2016

After updating your iPhone 6 to the latest version iOS 9, some users have complained about a bug which is only noticeable to them under the “All Inboxes” of Mail app. Many users are experiencing problems with the latest iOS 9.0 Mail app. After reading your emails from your app, it seems that the number of unread messages…

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// 10 January 2015

Electronic devices have become an integral part of everyday life for many people. Experiencing the inevitable quirks of the devices has also become a fact of life in the digital age. Even products in the pricier end of the consumer device spectrum have occasional difficulties. The iPad Air 2 freezing issue is one such common…

// 16 October 2014

With the iPhone 6 already in stores, consumers are eagerly waiting for the iPad Air 2 release date. This new device will be the successor to the iPad Air. Since Apple is yet to release details about the iPad Air 2, no one outside Apple really knows about its features. However, the 1OS 7.1 launch…