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How To
// 12 July 2015
How to Setup a Gmail on an iPad

How to easily add Gmail on an iPad Air. Well, it is absolutely simple and free to use. In addition, you can grab most of the features that come along with a Gmail account. So, let’s have a look what you need to do to set it up. Firstly, tap on settings and then tap on “Mails,…

iPad Help, Tips & Tricks
// 9 December 2013
Gmail can't connect to server error

Problem: iPad Can’t Connect to Gmail Server This can be the absolutely worst problem to have, especially when you need to connect to your e-mail. Fortunately, this is a pretty resolvable problem, and often, it is user error that makes it happen. Potential solutions: Public WiFi. Often, this problem occurs when connected to a public wifi…

Best iPad Apps
// 16 November 2011

After disappearing from the App Store for two weeks, Google’s Gmail app for iOS has made its return. Google original released the native Gmail app on November 2nd but it was quickly pulled due to bugs with the notifications system. The premature release of Gmail with the bugs caused Google some unwanted PR which motivated…

Best iPad Apps
// 2 November 2011

Google has now officially released a universal Gmail app for iOS. The native Gmail app adds several features not included with the Gmail web app. Users can be alerted for new messages with push notifications and sounds Autocomplete email addresses from your Gmail contacts or select from your device’s address book Read email via threaded…