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// 4 June 2015
iPad Forgot Password to iCloud Fix

Usually there are 2 different scenarios that you will face if you need to recover the password for your iCloud. In one scenario, you will have to go through “2 step verification process” if you have enabled it. And, in the other scenario, you have to go through either email authentication recovery or security question…

How To
// 5 May 2015
How to Create a Family Sharing Apple ID for Kids on Your iPad

Family Sharing is an awesome utility Apple presented in iOS 8 that permits family to share purchases in the App Store, iBookstore and iTunes store. With Family Sharing, however, every single partaking member needs to have his/her own Apple ID’s. Nonetheless, those who are less than 13 years old can’t create an Apple ID all alone. Fortunately,…

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// 15 August 2014
Ipad Security

Q: I got a new iPhone recently. I used to get songs on my iPod, so I already had an iCloud account. Now, however, I cannot directly download songs without answering security questions – and I cannot remember my security questions and answers. I need to change them. How do I do this? A:  There…

iPad Help, Tips & Tricks
// 29 January 2014
Apple ID is the key to all Apple services

Have you ever been at a loss to remember the answers to your Apple ID security questions? Believe it or not, it happens. Oftentimes, we pick security questions and answers that seem easy at the time – but may prove too difficult to remember later. Thankfully, you can reset your security questions for your Apple…