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// 17 January 2014
angry birds go

Parents Rejoice, you get money back on your unauthorized kids app purchases. The FTC has ordered Apple to refund at least $32.5 million to customers whose children made in-app purchases without their consent. As part of the settlement agreement Apple will also change it’s billing methods to ensure that all purchases have expressly informed consent…

iPad Help, Tips & Tricks
// 11 June 2011

We have been discovering several new features while using iOS 5 beta on the iPad. Here we will cover the new iOS 5 music app on the iPad. The first thing you will notice is a new icon and a new look for the music app. There’s also a new Store button on the bottom…

iPad Help, Tips & Tricks
// 25 June 2010

If you want a better way to search and browse for iPad or iPhone jailbreak apps, you should try Rock. Rock is similar to Cydia but with a nicer user interface and more features. Rock is a full featured app store that allows you to install and manage all of your jailbreak apps, even the…

iPad Jailbreak
// 1 June 2010

It’s easy enough to jailbreak your iPad but after it’s jailbroken, you are going to want some good apps. These are some of the best apps jailbreak apps I’ve found for the iPad, so far. Backgrounder Just like the name suggest, it allows you run programs in the background. It basically adds multitasking to the…

Best iPad Apps
// 30 May 2010

The developer for the Wi-Fi Sync app has released a Windows version and it’s compatible with the iPad. The app comes in two parts, one you download for free on your Mac or PC. The other part requires a jailbroken iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and cost $9.99. Once both are installed and both devices…