my iPad is saying it is disabled. What do I do and what does this mean?

Anonymous asked 7 years ago
iPad Help Joe Staff replied 7 years ago

The reason you cannot do anything with it at the moment is becuase it is protecting its data after a passcode was entered incorrectly several times and it is set to disable on too many wrong attempts.<br><br>To Fix:<br>1. Shut down iPad (hold down top button and slide to switch off)<br><br>2. Open iTunes on the Mac or Windows PC (if you use a different account or different computer you can only wipe the data and setup as a new ipad. If you use the original computer you set it up with and configured with then you'll be able to restore its data)<br><br>3. Connect the ipad to the computer and hold down the "Home" button until you see "Connect to iTunes" with an image of a wire on display<br><br>4. Windows computers will need to download and install the recovery driver (automatic)<br><br>5. Complete the onscreen instructions for setting up as a new ipad or restoring it.<br>Sometimes it doesn't complete going back to the "disabled – connect to itunes" this is becuase it is still downloading the operating system update or installing the recovery driver. Just wait for the download to finish and repeat from step 3.