Walmart and Target have iPads on Sale

// February 12, 2021

Looks like the big box retailers like Target and Walmart and holding another head to head battle and once again it is over iPads. Both retailers are trying to put a push on select Apple sales by offering deals on select products

Target currently offers a $50 gift card with the purchase of a 16GB iPad Air, Retina iPad mini or an iPhone 5S. It might not be a true discount on the product, but it works out almost as good. In, fact after looking at the site, they seem to be offering a $50 gift card on almost all of their iPads. You can always run your purchases through as two separate transactions, just make sure you purchase you Apple device first, then apply the gift card to the rest of your purchases in the second transaction. This deal is around just long enough for Valentines day and ends on February 15th.

Walmart is going a slightly different route and offering an in-store only sale on the 16 GB iPad 2 at $299, this is $100 less than it previously sold for. This is however a 3-year-old unit. If you are really interested you can save yourself another $100 off by trading in your older original iPad (if it works), this would definitely make it a good deal at only $199. If you want this deal, don’t think about it too long because it’s only around for about a month before they flip the prices back.

If you are looking at a new iPad, you might want to check out some of the accessories that Walmart is also offering at a discounted rate. ZAGGkeys MINI 9 Keyboard case for the iPad mini has been knocked down to $57.99, almost 30% off. For keyboard portability the iWerkz foldable Bluetooth Keyboard is now only $29.99.

Walmart and Target have iPads on sale, but I’m not sure how much longer these deals will last, so you might want to grab them while you can.

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