Video Streaming Apps Coming to the iPad

// February 12, 2021

Apps and services for the iPad are continuing to grow daily. A couple of the latest companies to announce they are working apps for the iPad come from Verizon and HBO.

They are both planning on offering their paying customers the ability to stream TV content on to iPads and other tablet computers.

HBO’s service is called HBO Go and will allow the stream of both movies and HBO’s hit series. The service is set to be up and running within the next six months. It will be free for HBO subscribers.

Verizon is developing an application that will let FiOS customers carry their iPads around their homes while continuing to stream live television onto the device. The Verizon application is expected to be available early next year, for use on devices like tablets and laptops, including the iPad.

HBO and Verizon are added to a growing list of companies that either have a way to get their content to iPads or they are currently working on ways to do so.

  • Dish Network announced recently that they plan to offer live streaming to iOS devices by September.
  • Time Warner Cable Inc. plans to launch an iPad app that would let subscribers watch TV shows over Wi-Fi in “the not too distant future,” according to a spokesman.
  • Comcast Corp. is testing a free iPad application that allows existing subscribers to search for and watch some TV shows on the iPad.
  • DirecTV has said they have already worked out much of the technology to authenticate subscribers and put video on tablet computers.
  • Cablevision Systems Corp said recently they are conducting trials that allow people to watch video on iPads.
  • Netflix, ABC, Hulu, Youtube, Joost and others already have apps for streaming their content.

The iPad and other tablet computers offer an excellent opportunity for companies to distribute their content to mobile devices. These companies seem to be in a race where no one wants to be left behind.

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