US Government Says Jailbraking is Legal

// February 12, 2021

Great news for jailbreakers! The United States goverment has approved new rules for iPhones and similar devices, which allow users to legally jailbreak their devices.

According to the new exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) it is no longer “illegal” to Jailbreak your iDevices.

This doesn’t mean that Apple will stop their technical attempts to prevent users from jailbreaking. It will still void your warranty if you send Apple a jailbroken device.

The new ruling does protect developers and Jailbreakers out there from prosecution.
It could legitimize unsanctioned app stores like Cydia and allow more companies to create third-party applications for iDevices. Could this mean we would see a FireFox browser or an Adobe flash plugin? That is certainly possible.

Go here to read more about the ruling.

Originally posted 2010-07-26 22:31:27.


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