The New Apple TV – A Step in the Right Direction

// February 12, 2021

The new Apple TV is smaller, less expensive, and relies on streaming for all of it’s content.

Here’s what you get for $99 with the new Apple TV;

  • Apple’s A4 Chip ( the same as the iPad and iPhone).
  • Built-in in 802.11n Wi-Fi
  • Built-in IR Receiver
  • Aluminum Apple Remote
  • HDMI Port, Optical Audio Port, Ethernet Port and Micro-Usb Port (for service and support)
  • Power Cord

A HDMI cable is not included. The only cables that have to be plugged in is the power cord and the HDMI connection to your TV. Apple TV has built-in WI-FI that will connect to your wireless network for streaming, a ethernet connection is not required.

The options for streaming content include;

  • iTunes
  • Netflix
  • Youtube
  • Flickr
  • MobileMe
  • Any computer on the same wireless network as the device
  • Any iOS 4 device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

The revamped device does seem to be missing something, I know what it is, that would be iOS 4.

Right now, Apple TV is a way to stream content from your devices to your TV. It’s main focus is videos, music and pictures but it could be much more. If or when iOS is included with Apple TV, it will become a game console, another way to use the web, and increase the ways to stream content.

Steve Jobs stated during the keynote the iPod Touch has become the number one mobile game console in the world. Apple TV would become an amazing game console instantly with iOS 4. Apple users already have some of the best controllers and remotes by using their current iOS devices. Imagine some of the racing or flying games on a big flat screen TV being controlled by your iPad or iPhone.

The complete overhaul of Apple TV is a step in the right direction but Apple may not see the type of success they are use to with this product until iOS is included. iOS will probably come in the future but until then, Apple TV is still a hobby.

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