SnappyLabs is now part of the Apple Family

// February 12, 2021

Apple has made another acquisition. This time it is the Australian based developer of the photo app, SnappyCam. Per their usual routine, Apple isn’t really commenting beyond confirming the acquisition.

SnappyLabs has one employee, it’s founder and designer, John Papandriopoulos. John currently resides in San Francisco. This Australian engineer is a genius with algorithms and the company purchase may have more to do with him, than the actual program.

In 2007 he won the Chancellor’s Prize for Excellence from the Melbourne University for his doctorate. He wrote an algorithm that cut background noise on copper phone lines, which in theory, would increase their broadband delivery capability from 20 Mbps to 250 Mbps.

The app was released in the middle of 2013. The SnappyCam app allows users to take high resolution photos at a much faster rate than what the iPhone normally does. The app takes up to 30 frames per second, 20 frames per second for high-resolution. This puts simple iPhone users almost on par with the professional photographers and their “burst shoot” systems.

What Apple plans to do with this newest company purchase is anyone’s guess. This could open up whole new markets if it is integrated as a standard feature in iPhones or iPads. Portable phones are already the most common way people take snapshots.

The gap between DSLR cameras and smart phones is quickly narrowing and the integration of this technology into newer models of iPhones could be a death knell for the camera industry. New improved photographic capabilities means that less people would relay on the DSLR cameras and more will simply reach for their phones.

Since the company acquisition the application has been removed from the iOS stores. The SnapplyLabs website and Facebook pages have also gone dark. It seems that this is one product that Apple has gotten a tight grip on and don’t plan to let it go for a while. If you already have the program, hold on to it tight, it may be worth more than the $1 you paid for it.

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