Rumors are Running Rampant

// February 12, 2021

Ahead of Apples big show on Tuesday the rumors are ramping up on what they will show us.

We are expected to see the new iPad 5 and iPad mini 2. We have known a lot about these for a while thanks to several leaks, so we have a good idea on what they will look like. The big topics up for debate are whether Apple will include the retina screen or the Touch ID fingerprint system, which was released on the iPhone 5S, for the mini.

Hoping for Updates

Rumors have been slower on a few awaited items.We are hoping to see the release of the Mac Pro and the new Mavericks OS. Both of these were shown off earlier in the year and we were promised a final date sometime this year. Time is running out, so this seems like the perfect occasion to follow through on that promise.

Apple fans are hoping to see updates on some of their favorite equipment such as the MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, and perhaps even something new for the monitors. Some of these haven’t seen much action in a year or more.

A New Life for iLife?

New on the rumor mill this week is iLife. There have been updated logos this week, which leads people to believe that the apps might be getting some tweaking of their own.

See You Tuesday

One thing many of us want answered on Tuesday is when do the iPads hit stores. If Apple stays true to form we should expect to see them 10 days later, which by my estimation means that they will hit stores around November 1st. Earlier this month there were rumors of supply chain issues, which may end up pushing the release date back. Everything is guesswork at the moment, we will not know for sure until next Tuesday when everyone gathers at the San Francisco event.

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