Playboy for iPad has Been Delayed

// February 12, 2021
Playboy Archives for iPad

It appears Hugh Hefner and company are having some difficulty with making Playboy available for the iPad.

Due to Apple’s App Store restrictions Playboy has been planing on optimizing all of the issue’s, past and present for the iPad and making the uncensored magazines available online for $8.00 a month.

Hugh tweeted back in January “Big news! Playboy–both old & new–will be available on iPad beginning in March”.

Hugh tweeted on March 1st “iPlayboy–Playboy, both past & present, became available on iPad today”, but that was incorrect.

There was one link on Playboy’s website that references an iPad optimized site but it goes to a 404 page.

Now, Hugh Hefner has posted on Twitter the the new target date is May 1. It looks like it’s going to take a couple more months to get those girls ready for the iPad.

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