Only A Couple of Days Left

// February 12, 2021

We are now only a couple of days from the launch of the iPad. The device will likely be another success for one of the most successful companies over the last decade.

Many believe Apples turnaround started with the iPod. The iPod went one sale in October 2001 and then iTunes came along in the summer of 2003. As of September 2009 over 220 million iPods have been sold.

Itunes is the ecosystem that has feed the iPhone and has been a major reason why there has been over 21 million iPhones sold since it went on sale in June of 2007.

In this same time frame Apple has made many improvements to Mac computers. The iMac and MacBook are some of the most sleek and elegant computers on the market. As of October of 2009 Apple has a 9.4% share of the U.S. computer market.

The majority of the people that buy an iPad will already be a Apple user. One of the reasons why is because their product line works well together and iTunes feeds them well.

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