Mac Lovers Rejoice, the Mac Pro is Here!

// February 12, 2021

Finally after 3 long years of waiting Mac fans will finally get something new. Apple announced that today is the day that they will release the newly designed Mac Pro which they had first shown us back in June at the WWDC.

Many Mac fans had all but given up as they rarely even saw updates for their beloved systems. It wasn’t until late in 2012 that they got a glimmer of hope when Tim Cook mentioned, on a TV talk show, that they were planning to bring production back into the US with the Mac Pro. It wasn’t until months later, in May, when the Apple CEO issued a description of the soon be American-assembled Mac that Mac users truly took heed of the rumors. Fans were finally rewarded with a sneak peak of the new unit in June at the WWDC.

It was finally truly revealed at Apples even for the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina. They gave us all of the juicy details and pricing but not the release date.

Now we know it…and that date is here!

Mac Pro

Quad Core6-Core
Memory12GB16 GB

Up to 3 4K Displays


6 Thunderbolt Displays


256 GB standard
Configurable up to 512GB

or 1TB

Price$2, 999$3,999.00

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