Leaked Photos of the Next Generation iPad

// February 12, 2021

We are seeing several mocked up iPad 2 images. These images are from accessory manufactories that are supplied with the iPad bodies in advance to ready cases, docks, etc. for the upcoming iPad.

We believe that these images are the actual design of the next iPad due to that they all seem to be consistent.

They all are showing a beveled edge, slimmer design with flat back, cameras, and a back speaker.

The next question is when will it released?

According to PC Mag, sources of Apple Insider are claiming that Apple has ordered a restriction on vacation days of Apple store employees for three weeks starting at the fourth week of January.

Apple sometimes restricts employee vacations before launching a new product or upgrading existing ones. We don’t know wether this will be for a Verizon iPhone or iPad 2.

If the new iPad is not unveiled if February, I would expect to see it no later then April.

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