The Latest iPad Pro Rumors

// February 12, 2021

The iPad pro rumors are starting to swarm the Internet. Quite a buzz has generated about Apple’s upcoming upgrade to its line of intricate tablets. A wealth of rumors exist about its release date, features and price. Consumers will be eager to buy, as usual, if and when Apple finally does unveil its new product.


Rumor #1: The iPad Pro Screen Size

Rumors are hinting that the iPad Pro will have either a 12.9-inch display or a 13.3-inch display. Either size would be a significant improvement over the current 9.7-inch screen size on the iPad Air. Apple recently released its two newest iPhone models, which had significant display increases from the previous models. The company just may follow suit by adding three to four additional inches to the new iPad Pro models since consumers seem to prefer large displays.

Rumor #2: The Internals

The iPad Pro rumors state that the model will come with an A8X chip. The chip will provide the unit with a boost in graphical processing that will complement the screen size enhancement. Little is known about whether the new processor will be a quad-core processor. However, Apple tends to keep some features the same from one generation of product to another. The company kept the screen size of its iPhones four inches for approximately for three years. Therefore, the iPad Pro may only have a dual-core processor. A dual-core processor will still allow for multitasking and convenient operations.

Rumor #3: The Stylus

Rumor has it that the iPad Pro will have a fancy stylus just as some of its competitors, such as the Samsung Galaxy, have incorporated. The stylus will add convenience and flair to the unit.

Rumor 4: The Design

The design of the iPad Pro will most likely stay the same as the previous iPad models. The tablet will probably be heavier than its predecessors are, but it will keep the same main concept. The iPad design has been working for Apple for many years, and the company does not seem to like to stray from what works. The unit will most likely have the usual elegant Apple aluminum backing.

Rumor 5: The Screen Resolution

Several iPad Pro rumors exist about the screen resolution. Some gossipers are saying that the model will have ultra-high resolution. Other sources are saying that Apple will release two units. One of the units will have a 2k-resolution screen, and the other model will have a 4k-resolution screen.

Rumor 6: The Release Date

A wide variety of rumors exists about the release date of the iPad Pro. Some people are hinting that the model may come out as early as October of 2014, while others are claiming that the unit will not be available until the end of the first quarter of 2015. The company does plan on releasing an iPad Air 2, but an iPad Pro release date has not yet been confirmed. Consumers must remain patient and wait to see which rumors are true and which rumors are just guesses from electronics enthusiasts.

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