iPad Air Problems are Few and Far Between

// February 12, 2021
iPad Air

The iPad Air has been out for a while and the reviews are in. Like any new Apple product there are the lovers and the haters, but the fans vastly outnumber the detractors. As with any new product there are issues, most of them seem to be pretty minor.

Off-Color Screen

It seems that several of the new iPad Airs have an issue with the screen. There are reports of color difference between two halves of the screen, with one side having a yellowish tint. There have also been complaints about dark bars on some of the screens.

The only way to solve this issue is to return it for a new one. It looks like a production error that got past quality control. Just remember these are the early production run of a new product, not only are they rushing them out, but they haven’t had time to iron out any production problems. If this is the only major issue on a new product, then I think they are doing pretty good.


There seems to be a noticeable lag or stutter for many people when navigating the apps. It is possible that this is an iO 7 issue rather than a problem with the Air. Apple updated the iOS to iOS 7.0.4 yesterday and this may have solved the issue, but I haven’t seen that on the boards yet.

If it hasn’t been solved yet, then keep in mind that this is new equipment with a new operating system, expect to see a few minor updates to the iOS in the near future as more glitches come to light and Apple works to fix them. In the meantime you can turn off your animations, or many on the message boards have also found that turning off your connection to the iCloud works.

Browser Crashing

Safari seems to be crashing on a regular basis for a lot of people. Most have reported it crashing when they try to open another tab. Once again this is more of a programming glitch than an actual problem with the iPad Air. Many have tried tried reloading or reinstalling the browser and some have been successful, other are just not loading a second tab. If you don’t want to wait for a program update then load Google Chrome as a browser as there doesn’t seem to be any problems with it crashing.

WiFi Connection

The new iPad seems to be having problems either connecting or staying connected to many WiFi connections. So far I haven’t seen any new solutions just the old ones that involve rebooting the router and iPad. For many it seems to work, it’s a just a few that are still having problems.

Check out our handy article on troubleshooting the WiFi connection if you are still having problems.

Battery life

This always seems to be a common complaint. At this point, I wouldn’t be taking it too seriously because odds are that a new iPad is seeing some heavy use. They are getting a lot programs updated, new apps downloaded and people are just surfing around to get the feel for their new toy. Many people may not even realize how much they are putting the Air through at the moment.

If there is truly a battery problem and you are getting significantly less than the promised 9 hours of battery life then return it to the retailer for a new one.


Not necessarily a problem, it’s more of a disappointment. Several people are complaining that the speaker quality is less than the iPad 3 or 4. The speakers are louder, but tinny sounding, and one complaint was that the sound vibrates through the casing, which makes a few of us wonder what a repeat dose of heavy base music might do to the unit itself.


Those that were hoping for a better camera on the new iPad were also disappointed as it’s the same camera as on it’s predecessors. However may see a camera update in future models.

For a new unit, fresh to the market, I think the iPAd Air is performing exceptionally well. Most of the complaints and glitches seem minor and can probably be fixed with simple updates. If you have any major complaints about the new iPad Air, let us know. We want to hear your opinions.

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