iPad Air 2: Release Date

// February 12, 2021

With the iPhone 6 already in stores, consumers are eagerly waiting for the iPad Air 2 release date. This new device will be the successor to the iPad Air. Since Apple is yet to release details about the iPad Air 2, no one outside Apple really knows about its features. However, the 1OS 7.1 launch contained some mentions of newer iPad models. Several Apple watchers have been making educated guess on iPad Air 2 features.

Expected Release Date

Although Apple has not announced the iPad Air 2 release date, technology observers and experts expect it to hit the stores in late October. According to a report published by the Daily Dot, Apple plans to release two new iPads on October 21. These tablets are likely to be iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. It is worth noting Apple is expected to release the next Mac operating system OS X Yosemite on the same iPad air release date. Another report published by techradar.com states that Apple is likely to set the iPad air release date anywhere from early to mid-November. The thinking behind this timeline is Apple will stick to its annual product release cycle (it released the original iPad Air in November 2013). Bloomberg has also published a report saying its sources have confirmed production has started and the iPad air release date will most likely be in November.



KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects this new iPad to come with Apple’s A8 processor. This is likely to be the case because the new iPhones (6 and 6 Plus) have the A8 processor. Kuo also reckons it will have an 8mp rear camera, which is a significant improvement from the 5mp camera on the iPad Apple released last year. Kuo may be right because ETNews sources have confirmed the new iPad will have an 8mp camera. Besides the A8, it could have 2GB of RAM, which is double the Ram in the 2013 iPad. It is likely to have an anti-glare display according to a Bloomberg report. This is to make it easier for users to read or view content.

Another feature that will likely excite iPad users is Touch ID. Once again, Kuo believes the new iPad will have this feature because the Biometric Kit for iOS 7.1 mentions iPads. According to techradar.com, Kuo has a great track record when it comes to predicting Apple product features. For instance, he correctly predicted that the iPhone 5S would have a fingerprint scanner. The design of this new iPad will be similar to that of the iPad Air. Besides “anti-reflection coating,” the display will have a resolution of 2048 × 1536. However, the new iPad will differ from the original in one major way: it will be much thinner. A leaked photo of the new iPad shows that the new iPad’s front panel will be integrated into the panel.

In conclusion, rumors are currently flying around about the iPad air release date as well as its features. However, sources close to Bloomberg and Techradar have revealed that this tablet is likely to start shipping in late October.

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