iPad 5 & iPad mini 2 could only be a few weeks away

// February 12, 2021

Several well known Apple bloggers are claiming to have heard from their sources that Apple is planning an April event to launch the iPad 5 and possibly an iPad mini 2. The iPad 5 is rumored to have more narrow side bevels that resemble the iPad mini. The iPad mini will likely receive a retina display with the next update.

iPad 5 iPad mini

Here’s what a few of the bloggers stated during a discussion on branch.com.
[ba-quote]Clayton Morris

I’ve been hearing rumblings of an April event for sometime now, as I’m sure we all have. But so many factors could be in play. The Spring has traditionally been iPad season and we’re hearing about cutbacks in larger iPad supply.

News networks usually experience a huge dump in ratings after Memorial Day because kids are out of school, parents don’t care, and folks simply tune out. My money is still on a Spring event that hits in late April or early May. I can’t imagine Apple giving up an entire 6-7 months of news cycle to the competition in order to wait for WWDC. Not going to happen.

Rene Ritchie

I’ve heard from several sources that there was/is an event planned for April, new 9.7 inch iPad if it’s ready.

iPads Being Discounted to Clear Inventory?

We are now seeing large discounts on iPads from retailers like Best Buy and Walmart. This normally happens to clear out the inventory before the arrival of new devices.

Walmart has cut the price of the iPad mini from $329 to $299.

Best Buy is offering discounts up to 30% for 3rd generation iPads. Right now at Best Buy, you can get:

  • 16GB iPad WiFi for $314.99 (was $449.99)
  • 32GB iPad WiFi for $384.99 (was $549.99)
  • 64GB iPad WiFi for $454.99 (was $649.99)
  • 16GB iPad WiFi + Cellular for $405.99 (was $579.99)
  • 32GB iPad WiFi + Cellular for $475.99 (was $679.99)
  • 64GB iPad WiFi+ Cellular for $545.99 (was $779.99)

Best buy

It’s certainly starting to look like Apple is getting set to hold an event soon to unveil some new iPads. We will keep you posted.

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