iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 are on the way: rumors, expectations and facts

// February 12, 2021

Tech news have recently been flooded with rumors on the releases of two new iPads, the iPad 5 and the iPad mini. There are some pretty crazy, far-fetched rumors out there, but there are others you can actually rely on. So, how do you know what to believe in? Well, we did the research for you and here is a list of the most popular and credible rumors out there:

Credible Rumor #1: The iPad Mini 2 will have a Retina Display

It would be very difficult for Apple to roll out a new iPad Mini 2 without a Retina Display. The technology is there (with competitors rolling out similar high-quality displays) and there is no reason to forgo Apple’s flagship Retina Display. One could argue that if Apple offers an iPhone 5C (credible rumor), which would be a low-cost iPhone, then maybe Apple would consider making the iPad Mini 2 a low cost iPad. We highly doubt this though as the iPad Mini was not marketed in this fashion and is considered to be just a smaller version on the original iPad.

iPad Mini

iPad mini 2 is expected to have a Retina Display

Credible Rumor #2: The iPad 5 will have a bezel similar to the iPad Mini

Macfixit, an Australian Apple product accessory retailer leaked pictures of what looks like a spare front panel for the next generation iPad. It shows a narrower bezel exactly like the one the iPad mini carries. This in turn could allow the iPad 5 to have the same 9.7″ screen packed in a smaller and possibly lighter body.

iPad 5 front panel leak

These leaked pictures show the likely front cover for the new iPad.

Uncertain Rumor #1: Apple will release a new iPad on September 10th
Apple never officially announces what they are going to release (except in some rare cases like the new Pro workstation). The rumor is that the two new iPads will be unveiled at the September 10th event, however news outlets such as Bloomberg and TheLoop are being sceptical. These news outlets have a history of correct predictions which is why we think this release date rumor could possibly be incorrect

Uncertain Rumor #2: Apple will release a larger iPad and call it the iPad Maxi

This rumor is a little bit incredulous as Apple already have an industry-standard sized iPad and a mini iPad on the market, but who knows what Tim Cook and Co. have up their sleeves. The supposed 12.3” device would be larger than some of the MacBook Airs, which is why it’s easy to question this rumor because Apple never showed signs of intending to replace the laptop with the iPad. There doesn’t seem to be much value on the iPad Maxi which is why we think this rumor is a bit difficult to believe.

ipad maxi

Will Apple release a larger iPad?


We are certain that there are new iPads on the way, and we can guarantee they will both have some improved features. We will definitely see upgraded processors, graphics and improved battery life. Further, Apple is very consistent at keeping the costs of its tablets and phones, so we are expecting no surprises in terms of their price. And even if the iPads won’t come on September 10th, we are certain that the new iPads will be released before the end of the year.

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