Ipad 10 Packs

// February 12, 2021

Apple is offering iPad 10-packs to educational institutions for $6790 without AppleCare and $7580 with AppleCare . That comes out to $20 off of each iPad in a set of 10, or $40 off per iPad if they are ordered with AppleCare. The iPad 10-packs are shipped in a single box, which eliminates individual packaging. They also contain ten power adapters, ten USB-to-Dock cables, and one set of documentation. Currently, only the WiFi models are available in the educational 10-packs.

The Ipod (along with Itunes) has changed how we listen to music. The Iphone has redefined what a phone can do. Now, the IPad is set to change how we read books. That certainly includes textbooks.

This is an early sign that shows Apple will pursue the iPad as an educational tool.

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