Google search is now being optimized for tablets

iPad Help, Tips & Tricks
// July 29, 2011

Google is now displaying most of their pages different on tablets than on computers in an effort to optimize it’s content for the devices. Tablet users will notice a simpler and less cluttered interface while using google on the touch screen devices.

Here is what a google page looks like on the iPad before the change.

You can see the new layout has navigation icons and links at the top of the page rather than the side, giving more room for the search results.

Links in the search results have more padding around them making them easier to tap the correct link.

Even the footer has a different look, you will notice in the picture below that the tablet version has Goooooooooogle removed and the numbers are spread out. Again, the extra spacing is making it easier to touch the area.

The changes are not only effected in web searches. The new look is added to searching images, videos, news, shopping, books and more.

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