Flappy Bird Developer Dong Nguyen Is Back…With Two New Addictive Games, Shuriken Block and Super Ball Juggling

// February 12, 2021
dong nguyen shuriken block ios

Dong Nguyen has become a famous (or rather, infamous) developer since he decided to remove Flappy Bird from the App Store and Google Play Store because “it’s too addictive,” he told Forbes magazine. His messages seem to conflict with his earlier statement that “it [Flappy Bird] ruined my simple life, so now I hate it.” He told Forbes magazine that, should any of his other games turn popular, he would also have them removed from the respective iOS and Android game stores.

Well, he’s back – with two new addictive games. First on the list is the game Shuriken Block, a game whose goal is to prevent shurikens from falling onto the heads of little warriors (at least they look like warriors to me). At first, the shurikens fall from the sky one by one; then, they start to fall at once, until you run out of lives (as indicated by the hearts at the bottom left of the screen) and the game ends. Shuriken Block tests your reflexes, as does the next game on Dong Nguyen’s list.

dong nguyen super ball juggling

What is Dong Nguyen’s second new title? Super Ball Juggling, a game whose goal it is to test whether or not you can keep the two little boys from dropping their soccer balls. The soccer balls cannot drop or touch the grass, otherwise the two boys fall to the ground and – as as the cliché arcade game phrase says – “Game Over.” If you’re someone who has not taking a liking to Flappy Bird and balancing your bird between two green tunnels where Mario himself should be, you may want to check out this game that tests your reflexes in a different way.

dong nguyen shuriken block app store

dong nguyen super ball juggling app store

Both Shuriken Block and Super Ball Juggling (Dong Nguyen edition) are available now on iOS only, and are free at the App Store. If you haven’t grabbed yours yet, head on over to the App Store and download Dong Nguyen’s two new game creations. Who knows? These two games may become famous within the next month or two, and Dong Nguyen may decide to retire these from the App Store as well. When this happens, head on over to our very own Flappy Bird advertisement board and increase the price of your devices with Dong Nguyen’s games installed.

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