Cydia alternative coming soon via iTweak Store

// February 12, 2021

Cydia has been the primary way for jailbreakers to install apps, tweaks and themes, but it appears there will soon be some viable competition.

The iTweak Store promises to be a fast, user friendly, web-based way for jailbreakers to install packages on their iOS devices. The developers behind the iTweak Store recently updated to highlight some of the features the store will include.


iTweak Store Features


[ba-onehalf-first][ba-box color=”white”]User Friendly
Other package managers present users with terrible interfaces that users shouldn’t have to struggle with. iTweak fixes this problem, and provides a simple to use UI.

Universal iOS Support
It sucks to be left out of a party. With iTweak, we’re not leaving anyone out. For users on older devices, you’re not alone, iTweak will be supported for you. You’re not forgotten.

Uses Mobile Safari
The Internet is one awesome accessible thing. You wouldn’t be reading this without the Internet. We decided, instead of installing iTweak, iTweak will be based off of the web. You can install iTweak as a web app, bookmark it, or run it off of MobileSafari anytime.

Peaceful Interactions
Packages installed in iTweak do not create conflicts with any other package managers. We have peaceful intentions.

iTweak is built with the latest web technologies, so stability is a guarantee.

PC & Mac Clients
With these, you can Sync your favorite Tweaks, Themes, Ringtones, whatever you want, to your jailbroken device. Just plug, and drag. Simple as that.[/ba-box][/ba-onehalf-first][ba-onehalf][ba-box color=”white”]Speed
With iTweak, you don’t have to stare at persistent screens that inform you that you are loading/reloading data. iTweak is just fast, simple as that.

Pay with Ease
iTweak will use PayPal for Mobile Payments, and will accept others if popular demand calls for it.

Made with Security in mind
When people hear of browser-based installer, they think of malware. iTweak has a complex security system that helps protect your devices from any evildoers.

Organized, and monitored
Ever look for a tweak, find one you like, and BOOM!, it’s for iPad. Not with iTweak. Packages are sorted with care in respect to your device model and device firmware version. Packages are also monitored, packages that create problems for users will be taken down.

Developer Friendly
With our upcoming developer portal, we plan to make developers feel right at home, and even create new developers.

Full Debian APT
Instead of using obsolete, or unknown technologies, we use what has been used for a while now. iTweak uses full Debian APT, nothing less.


iTweak Store

The people behind Cydia have done as much for the jailbreak community as anyone, but there are certainly improvements that can be made with Cydia’s performance and User Interface. An alternative installer could provide healthy competition and ultimately be good for everyone in the long run.

There is no ETA for the iTweak Store, but the developers behind the project promises that it is coming soon. You can follow @iTweakStore on Twitter to keep up with progress on the iTweak Store.

Originally posted 2012-04-09 22:39:24.


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