Christmas Came Early for Apple Stockholders

// February 12, 2021
apple stock price chart

Santa has paid an early visit to Apple shareholders. On Sunday Apple announced that they had reached an agreement with the worlds largest wireless carrier, China Mobile. Stock rose 3% to $564.90 the morning after the announcement.

As of January 17th China Mobile will start carrying the iPhone 5S and 5C and will continue to carry iPhones for several more years. With future dividends planned, Apple stockholders are getting the one Christmas gift that will continue giving long into the New Year.

Tim Cook announced that, “China is an extremely important market for Apple and our partnership with China Mobile presents us the opportunity to bring iPhone to the customers of the world’s largest network.”

This deal is an important breakthrough for Apple, giving them largest access to one of the largest markets in the world. China Mobile has over 700 million subscribers, covering almost 66% of the Chinese Wireless market and they were one of the last major carriers in the world to not offer Apple devices.

Move over Samsung, Apple has stepped into your territory.

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