Box Now Offers 50GB of Free Cloud Storage to iPhone and iPad Users

// February 12, 2021
50GB Box Cloud Storage Promotion

There’s Copy with its 20GB of free cloud storage, Google with its unlimited Google + photo storage and 15GB of Google Drive storage, not to mention Dropbox with its special promotions where you can win up to 50GB of free cloud storage (plus extra) over time. Google even offers 25GB of free cloud storage depending on special offers that involve purchasing a new HTC One, Moto X, or Nexus 5 smartphone.

At the same time, however, not everyone expects to purchase a new smartphone or tablet every year to take advantage of these offers. Google recently acquired QuickOffice, and offered new QuickOffice customers an additional 10GB of cloud storage just to download the new document-viewing app. In some cases, as with Google or Dropbox, the offer is short-term, designed to last only two years. Cloud storage is fun, even if for two years, but who needs cloud storage for only two years?


Box App at the App Store


Don’t you want a free cloud storage reward that just “works,” apart from 2-year deals? Box, a cloud storage company that has, up until now, offered very little cloud storage for most users (5GB max on both Android and iOS), is now offering 50GB of free cloud storage for iPhone and iPad users. The company has revamped its app on iOS and wants to give iOS users the best experience they could want on an iPhone or iPad – no matter its age. The offer is promised to everyone, including existing customers who own an Android cloud storage amount on an Android smartphone. I own an Android Box app on my Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, and even I qualified for the additional 50GB of cloud storage, as can be seen from the screenshots below.

50GB Box Cloud Storage Promotion

Box delivers free 50GB as promised

Since the announcement yesterday, I’ve been publicizing the Box offer on social media sites such as Facebook and others. Box’s new cloud storage offer is truly generous and provides some serious competition for Google’s cloud storage offerings on iOS. At the same time, however, I must say that Google’s unlimited photo storage at Google + is one that has yet to be outperformed. Having a Nexus 5 and access to all of that unlimited photo storage all the time is one of the highlights of being a tech writer who’s always photographing that new smartwatch, tablet, phone, or other mobile gadget or accessory.

Head on over to the App Store, search for “Box,” and download your free 50GB of cloud storage today. Your iPhone or iPad’s internal memory storage will be eternally grateful.

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