Big News for Apple TV?

// February 12, 2021

It looks like there is hope on the horizon for fans of the Apple TV. The Apple store went down earlier this week for several hours which prompted people to wonder what was going on. Was the store hacked or was it simply a system update?

Well it appears that that it was an update, but a significant one that has the blogosphere humming. When the Apple store came back online there was a whole new shopping category dedicated to Apple TV. Does this mean that the long awaited upgrade is coming soon?

There has been much speculation that a new version Apple TV could be available as early as March, and it’s starting to look like it might be so. Apple TV has not been updated since 2012, making it almost archaic by tech standards. Even then the 2012 release was only a slight upgrade since 2010, so technically the 2012 release was the equivalent of tuneup on your beater. Well, it’s about time we upgraded that beater and traded it in. The question is, do we get a Porsche or a Versa?

The late Steve Jobs had high hopes for Apple TV and hoped that it would reach the same prestige and popularity as the other Apple products such as the iPhone, iPod and Mac.

According to the blog 9to5mac they are expecting some major changes to be forthcoming with the implementation of several Apps and a possible connectivity as a wireless router.

Personally, I would expect Apple to integrate some of the existing technology such as Siri into their system. Wouldn’t it be great to sit back on your sofa and simply tell your TV, what you want to watch rather than hunting through a list to find it, or wasting time trying to spell it out? With Apples recent acquisition of motion sensing technology I also wonder if they may integrate it into the Apple TV unit, turning it into more than just a TV box, but also a game machine.

It’s all just speculation at this point, but there has to be some reason for the new section in the Apple store, they rarely make a move that doesn’t have purpose.

Image: Courtesy of Screen shot from the Apple Store

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