Apples iWatch Is Only A Matter Of Time

// February 12, 2021
iWatch concept

Once again the Apple rumor mill is churning, the latest rumors has Apple partnering with Taiwanese suppliers to begin production of the iWatch. The the original rumored release was just in time for holiday season of 2014, but the newest rumors say it could be on the market even earlier.

iwatch concept

Photo courtesy of Wayne MacPhail

Second Screen

Nothing, has been released regarding this latest creation but speculation is that it will be used to interact with existing iOS devices. How exactly it would interact is unknown at this time, some credible sources are citing rumors that the iWatch will be used as a second screen for the iPhone and iPad. The second screen would enable users to glance at their wrist to notice missed calls and text messages as well as important social media updates. There would also be rudimentary controls.

Wang Wanli, an analyst for CIMB Securities Limited, expects the watch to sell for approximately $199. There is already speculation that at least 5 million iWatches will be sold within the first year based on the Apple name alone.


No one quite knows what the iWatch will even resemble, early rumors had Apple playing with curved glass, possibly even using the flexible Willow Glass produced by Corning. The latest rumors have them using a flexible plastic OLED screen. This is a strong possibility as Apple has patented a slap-band style form similar to the popular slap bracelets from the 1990s.

Power Source

One interesting possibility for the iWatch is the power source. A few months ago Apple had posted an engineering job looking for someone with experience in thin-film technology which is used in semiconductor processing and solar industries. Apple has several existing patents on solar powered mobile devices and this timing of the job posting could mean that they need someone to tweak an existing design in time for production.


The lack of information and the late release date initially put Apple behind its competition, but after Samsung’s release this week, they have moved back near the front. Samsung’s smart watch, the Galaxy Gear, had underwhelming reviews and has disappointed many that were eagerly awaiting its release. The only true competition in the smart watch market out there seems to be the Pebble. Hopefully Apple is taking note of the mistakes others are making and doing better.

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