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// February 12, 2021
Apple iPhone

Multitasking is finally coming to the iPhone OS with the 4.0 upgrade. Apple took it’s time to include multitasking but it looks like they have got it right. They simply was not going to include it until they could do it in a way they would not drain the battery or slow it down.

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The 4.0 OS upgrade will be available for the iPhone in the summer and it will be the fall when the iPad receives the upgrade. Multitasking was the major announcement but there are several other features being added also.

Folders will be added with the upgrade. This will allow users to have more apps on their devices and organize them in categories.

To create folder, press down on an icon until it starts to vibrate, then drag that icon over another icon that you want to group with it.

iBooks will be added to the iPhone and iPod touch. The iBookstore will be added to the iPhone and iPod touch allowing users to purchase iBooks from those devices. You will also be able to sync your iBooks to the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Another feature included in the upgrade is enhanced mail.
In addition to a unified inbox that allows you to merge all of your email accounts into a single inbox, enhanced email also supports the ability to organise email messages by thread and the ability to open email attachments in other apps.

There will be some more enterprise features with the upgrade.
These include better data protection, mobile device management, wireless app distribution, support for multiple exchange accounts, exchange server 2010, new VPN options and the works.

A game center is being added
It will provide an XBOX Live-like experience for the iPhone. You will be able to invite friends to play games, find random players to compete against with matchmaking, compare performances, and earn credit with achievements.

There is also an iAd i.e. a mobile advertising system that is built into the phone. This has to be the slick advertising I have seen. The iAds have full-screen video and entertaining ad substance without ever leaving the app, and users can return to their app anytime they select. This will definitely be a money maker.

Those are the major improvements with the iPhone 4.0 OS. One other thing of importance is only the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch (3rd Gen) devices will get all the new features. The iPhone 3G will not get multitasking.

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