Apple TV or Google TV – The Battle Starts This Fall

// February 12, 2021

An all out battle is about to take place, for your TV.

Google, has announced that Google TV will be available starting this fall. Google promises to bring the freedom and power of the internet to your TV, by combining your TV, DVR and the internet.

Google will partner with TV and set-top box manufactures to include Google TV for free in those devices. Google also plans to include access to the internet and Android Marketplace. Several thousand of Android apps will be compatible with Google TV, when the product launches.

Apple also recently announced a new version of Apple TV and they are currently taking pre-orders, but the device isn’t expected to ship for several more weeks. Unlike Google, Apple has decided not to include the ability to run apps on the device or access the internet from the revamped Apple TV.

Apple and Google are continuing to enter the same space and the competition between the two is about to start for your TV. Over the last few years, the two tech giants have become more of competitors, than partners. Most of the competition seems to be between Android and iOS, which are on phones, tablet computers and in the not to distant future, TV’s.

Google’s approach will be similar to Android phones and tablets, put the free open source software on as many devices as possible. It appears this will be the same approach for Google TV.

Apple will continue to be in control of the software and hardware for Apple TV. The new Apple TV should make it to the market before Google TV but Google’s device will be the first to include access to apps and the web from the device.

What strategy do you think will win?

Right now, Google’s seems to have a better strategy but I wouldn’t bet against Apple.

Over the next few years, the way we use our TV’s will likely change, significantly.

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