Apple to Buy PrimeSense and Improve Their 3D Marketshare

// February 12, 2021
ipad2 lens

It seems to be a repeat performance, but rumors are circulating that Apple is set to buy the Israeli company, PrimeSense. This is the company behind the 3D technology used in Microsoft’s Kinect game system, their technology helps device sensors detect movement.

According to a report in the Israeli news source, Calcalist, it is already a done deal. The final purchase price is rumored to be at $345 million with the final deal being announced sometime within the next two weeks. This new company currently employs approximately 150 people. Calcalist hasn’t confirmed the sale, but they haven’t actually denied it either. They sent a statement to Business Insider claiming that it was a ‘recycled rumor’. It may be a recycled rumor, but it is getting a lot play in the news feeds, and with no actual denials it’s looking like it is the real deal.

This recent acquisition may give Apple the boost they need to stay ahead of the competition and it goes right along with the patents Apple had recently taken out on a new 3D device that doesn’t require the goofy glasses, that make us all look like freaks. The question is how do they plan to use the new technology? Many are speculating that it will be used to give Apple TV a much needed boost.

3D is this big thing these days and everyone wants it, as proven with the recent success of the Occipital kickstarter program and the growing popularity of 3D printers. It’s nice to see that Apple is right in the mix of things. I have a feeling that it will be a while before we actually see anything coming out of Apple, it seems that they are in the process of lining up their ducks before they let us know what they have planned. It makes you wonder what the next 3D related rumor about them will be. Will it be upgraded tech, or something totally new?

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