Apple has started integrating iCloud to iPad, iTunes & Apple TV

iPad Help, Tips & Tricks
// August 1, 2011

Apple has updated the Music app, App Store and iBooks on the iPad to let users download previously purchased TV shows, music, apps and books via iCloud.

When iPad users open the iTunes app on their device and tap on “Purchased” they are now able to download and watch TV shows perviously purchased episodes from their device.

This also works for music, you will now see the iCloud icon next to purchased music whether it’s downloaded on the device or not.

If you open the App Store on your iPad and tap purchased, you will also be able to download any app that has been purchased. You can select iPad or iPhone apps and view all or the ones not on the device.

The iBook Store has the Purchased feature on the iPad with the iCloud icons as well.

iTunes on a Mac or PC now has TV shows listed when you click on “Purchased” under quick links.

As we already posted today, Apple has updated the second generation Apple TV software that allows users to view previously purchased TV shows via iCloud.

This certainly looks like the beginning of iCloud.

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