Apple Gives iOS 4 Details and Ramps Up iPad Production

// February 12, 2021

Apple now has a details webpage on iOS 4.2 for iPad. The page details all the new and improved features with iOS 4.2 including, multitasking, folders, wireless printing, AirPlay, Game Center and more.

The page says “coming soon” but Steve Jobs announced during the keynote that iOS 4.2 for iPad will be released in November.

Apple is also wanting to increase iPad production. According to a report from Morgan Stanley, Apple is encouraging it’s manufacturing parters to ramp up iPad production to 3 million iPads a month. They are currently producing about 2 million iPads a month and are wanting to increase production due to the expected high demand of the fourth quarter. The shipping time recently went to 24 hours on Apple’s website, most likely due to the increased production.

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