Angela Ahrendts to Head Apple Retail Sales

// February 12, 2021
angela ahrendts

Apple continues to skim the cream from the top of the talent pond with their latest acquisition, Angela Ahrendts. Angela is the currently CEO of Burberry and is credited with revitalizing the brand. Under her leadership Burberry tripled their revenue and drastically expanded their presence in Asia.

Ahrendts new role as the head of retail and online stores will begin in the middle of 2014, this position has been empty since John Browett left it, in October 2012. This position will also make her the first female CEO on Tim Cook’s team.

It is hoped that Ahrendts will bring her ability to tap into trends and fashion and push Apple into the luxury market. This is also a step away from the geek culture that surrounds Apple. For years Apple has been marketing their products to the same audience, it started with the Mac enthusiasts and has moved into the iPhone addicts, but it is still the same audience. Angela Ahrendts has fostered an excellent social media presence for Burberry, and hopefully she brings that marketing knowledge with her. It is hoped that she will manage to expand Apples social circle making it as much of a fashion statement as as it already is a tech statement.

This is the second fashion industry executive that Apple has poached, the first was the former chief executive of Yves Saint Laurent, Paul Deneve. Paul was hired over the summer. With their combined experience in the fashion industry and the rumors surrounding Apple’s iWatch, the final product may be more attractive to the general population than its currently blocky looking competition.

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