iTunes Error List With Fixes

In this iTunes error list, we’ll have various fixes to solve your problems.

iTunes Error 1 – iTunes Error 1 appears to indicate that there is a problem with the hardware. When this appears, it means that Apple wants you to do troubleshooting security software issues to restore your device in good shape.

 iTunes Error 6 – You experience this error when iTunes is ready to restore the firmware. Your device shifted to Recovery Mode which means that all your content from the device have lost.

iTunes Error 9 – “This iPhone” Could not be be restored. An unknown error occurred.– iTunes Error 9 can be a software issue or a hardware issue. Your firewall might be blocking the connection to websites like iTunes trying to connect to Apple servers

iTunes Error 14 fix – Error 14 is one of the errors that you may encounter during the update of your iPhone. “Update your iTunes, Restart your iPhone and PC, Set Correct Time and Date

iTunes Error 13 “Could not be restored. An Unkown Error occurred (13)” –

iTunes Error 17 – Could not be restored. This device isn’t eligible for the requested build. – encountered Error 17 and because of the differences in their devices such as jail break statuses

iTunes Error 20 – Programs like anti-virus software or firewall software could be preventing the restore process and hinder the connection between your computer and Apple server.

Error 21 iTunes – You may encounter errors when iTunes tend to be laggy such as error 21. There could also be an interruption in the connection between iTunes and your device during the update or restore which resulted to a corruption of files.

Fix Error 23 – There are 5 simple ways to finally get rid of this error that is hindering you from completing your task. One solution may work for many users but not for you, so you may need to try all of them out and see which one will solve the problem first.

iTunes Error 29 – There are few reasons why itunes error 29 occurs such as your device could not be restored or stuck in recovery mode. Here are some solutions to fix this annoying problem.

iTunes Error 40 – iPhone: Could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (40) -This problem happened because of an issue with the software security or components

Itunes Error 50– “We Could not Complete your itunes store request. An unknown Error occured(-50) – The problem is either with your internet connection or other network settings that hinder iTunes from connecting to Apple servers. One of these solutions should solve your problem.

Fix Error 50 – iTunes error 50 is usually experienced by many users whenever the iTunes software fails to connect to the database server.

iTunes Error 56 ” The Cisco Systems, inc. VPN Service has not been started. Please start this service and try again. – To fix this problem, users can try one of the following. Downloading and installing latest version of iTunes

iTunes Error 3194 –  These methods can also be used to short other errors such as 17, 1639, 3100 to 3999 and more. This device is not eligible for the requested build. You need to then check the hosts file.

iTunes Error 4005 – Switch off iTunes on the computer and switch it on again. many errors which are seen disappear when the software restarts.

Apps Store Error 9814 – You are probably annoyed because you can’t purchase apps that you like from iTunes online store? Or even after purchasing the app, it does not run smoothly or has a lot of errors? Probably you are experiencing Error 9814

iTunes Error 9815 – To fix the annoying Error 9815, the first thing to do is to make sure that the date and time of your Mac is correct when you connect to iTunes Store. The reason of Error 9815 is usually the incorrect date and time on your computer.


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    How do change screen orientation on IPAD PRO ?

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    By Turning off my Windows Firewall I havn’t seem any any iTunes error in ages. Try this method out instead of editing the host files!

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