Wifi Password Incorrect After iOS Update

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// June 11, 2015

Apple always listens to the users’ demands, and as they release iOS 8 updates to make a better experience. It is true that most of the times, many bugs get fixed and the users experience rises to a whole new level, but it also leaves some new bugs or problems too whenever a new update is released and installed. Just like that, iOS 8 update created a new buzz among the Apple device users that Wi-Fi password appears to be incorrect after iOS 8 update. Users probably got clueless how they can solve it. Many would suggest a different ways that might work for some users and for some it may not.

Let’s have a look at some of these suggestions which have helped most of the users facing this iOS 8 update problem with their Wi-Fi connection, specifically entering password. These suggestions are random, so you may do any of these in the first place, but it is ideal to restart both your device iPhone/iPad/iPod along with the Wi-Fi router before you attempt to do anything else.

Wifi Password Incorrect After iOS 8 Update

Go to the router Setting example iP”″ and go to wireless setting menu and check if the WPS is turned off. If it is turned off, then turn it on. Just for kicks turn it back to off again, and hopefully you should find it working.

Change your modem security settings from “WPA-PSK Encryption” to “Use WEP Encryption” then configure the modem name and password back to the original; for this one it might work for all.

If you have a MSI wifi router, in Wi-Fi configuration, there is settings for the region. If you are from outside the USA, change that to the United States and then try to reconnect entering your password. It worked for some people outside USA facing this problem after iOS 8 update.

You can try to turn off Location Services for Wi-Fi Networking to see if it fixes the bug.

iPad Network go to Privacy -> Location Services -> System Settings -> look for Wi-fi Networking and turn it off


Reset the router and enter a new name and password for the network (SSID) and then try to reconnect your iPhone and iPad.

Now, if you have followed all of these suggestions and none of them worked out for you, then you should probably wait for any future update that can fix it or you can go to a Apple support center near you to check if there’s any hardware related problem causing this problem to your iPhone/iPad or iPod.

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2 thoughts on “Wifi Password Incorrect After iOS Update

  1. Eugene Co says:

    I am having problems connecting to our office wifi, since I updated the version to 9.1 and maybe since we also changed service providers. It always says “password incorrect” but I am sure the password is correct. I tried resetting the routers/modems/network settings and all that I read…….except that I can’t forget the network since it doesn’t appear on the ipad.

  2. Ginny Kliever says:

    I am up to date on iOS updates to 9.02(?). Now I can not send email. I’ve tried all suggestions I can find to fix it…. Making sure password is correct, reboot, delete email accounts and renter. I have to 2 email accounts and neither of them can send. I can receive. What is the problem? Is it the last update for iOS? Please help!

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