What Would You Pay for an iPhone with Flappy Bird Installed?

// February 12, 2014
Flappy Bird game screenshot

The largest news in tech this week comes from Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen, who removed Flappy Bird from Android and iOS this past weekend because “I can’t take this anymore,” he said at Twitter.

Although the game is no longer available as an install at the App Store, you can still get it in your clutches – provided you are willing to pay as much as $135,000 for it.


That’s right — $135,000 was the selling price of an iPhone 4S with the Flappy Bird game installed earlier this week on eBay. eBay has stepped in and warned iPhone sellers not to place their iPhones on eBay with Flappy Bird remaining, since iPhones can only be sold on the eBay website with all information cleared from them (including apps). Unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped iPhone sellers from promoting the Flappy Bird game in iPhone photos that are placed right beside the starting bids or asking prices. A screenshot from the mobile eBay site shows that a gold, 16GB iPhone 5s with Flappy Bird is selling for $20,300.01 right now, with 6 hours and 45 minutes remaining before the iPhone is sold to the highest bidder.


Flappy Bird smartphone Ebay bid



Here are some other outrageous bids and asking prices for Flappy Bird smartphones:



















I spent time digging through 30 or so of the 65 pages (that’s right: sixty-five!) devoted to selling both Samsung phones and tablets, and iPhones that have Flappy Bird still installed. As you can see, some of the prices above ($10,000, $15,000, and the $45000 and $50000 ones) are somewhat crazy, but the majority of smartphones are selling right now for about $1000-$3000.  When you look at the highest asking prices for Flappy Bird smartphones, $1000-$3000 bids look reasonable.

At the same time, the more reasonable bids are placed on eBay, the more the $10000, $15000, and $25000 bids remain premium. After all the affordable smartphones sell out, these high-priced auctioneers stand to reap a fortune. Go here to see these ridiculous eBay asking prices for yourself.

Are you ready to sell your Flappy Bird smartphones? How much will you charge? If you have an interesting story, please feel free to write us and let us know.

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  1. Drake says:

    Hey you can get flappy bird back if you had it just go to the App Store and go to purchased then go to all and then scroll up and down till you find it

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