Update iTunes on Your iPad and Laptop To Sync Your Devices

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// March 10, 2014
there are other updates available, but update iTunes is our focus

Q: I’m trying to sync my iTunes on my iPad with my iTunes on my computer, but my computer tells me that it cannot use my iPad because it needs a different version of iTunes. Can anyone help me out with this?  iPad 2, iOS 7.0.4

A: Whenever you connect your iPad to your computer via USB cable and get a message that says the two iTunes updates are incompatible, remember that you need to update iTunes on one of the devices (if not both). In this case, it seems as though your iPad is the problem, but updating iTunes on your iPad can be done in a few simple steps. We’ll cover how to update iTunes on your iPad as well as your computer.

Update iTunes on Your Computer

To update iTunes on your Mac, find the black Apple logo at the far left of your screen

If you have an Apple computer, whether a MacBook or MacBook Pro, you’re in luck – it’s a rather easy process. Just go to the Apple logo at the top left of your screen, then select “software update.” At this point, you need only allow the updates to appear on your screen, then follow the instructions.

select software update to update iTunes

place the arrow over the software update function, highlight it in blue to update iTunes

when you update iTunes, your Mac will check for other updates

other updates may be available, but you need only update iTunes to solve your problem

there are other updates available, but update iTunes is our focus

iTunes update downloads and installs

Update iTunes watch the installation process

if you receive this message, you will update iTunes successfully

Keep in mind that, to update iTunes, you need to make sure that the box is checked before you click “install.” If you do not, iTunes will not install and you’ll have to update it after installing other updates. After updating iTunes, you should see a message that says “update was installed successfully.” If you do not see this message, then you should follow the steps above once more and look for this message. You should also know that slow servers are often due to web traffic, and you need not panic if you cannot download the new update right away. It may prevent you from syncing your iPad and computer in the here and now, but you’ll get around to it later. No worries.

Update iTunes on Your iPad

If your iPad’s iTunes software is incompatible and the computer tells you so, then you need not worry; you can update iTunes on the iPad with little to no trouble.

To update iTunes on your iPad, click on the App Store icon on your desktop. At this point, you should arrive at a page with apps that are in need of updates. If you can look through the list (whether long or small), you should see iTunes in the list. If so, click “update” when you see iTunes in the list, or select “update all” to update your apps with one click. Once all the apps have been updated, you’re now eligible to sync your iPad with your computer using iTunes.

Did you update iTunes recently – and meet new problems you weren’t expecting? Feel free to write in and let us know. To update iTunes is an easy feat that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the best of iOS.

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